Risk Management & Internal Control

Academic Program Internships

Some persons regarded as "volunteers" are performing service as a required apart of an academic program - e.g., student teachers or interns or service-learners. Although they come to be volunteers from their academic program rather than members of the public who donate services without receiving anything in return, students performing services without compensation are considered to be volunteers.

CSU student volunteers who provide services in connection with a required academic program have the same protections as other CSU volunteers. They may be covered by workers' compensation, and they may be entitled to defense and indemnification when they are sued.. Campuses should develop agreements and relationships with the community organization and other working entities where students perform the service-learning component of their academic requirements. Normally, workers' compensation coverage and responsibility for defense and indemnification should be borne by the community agencies, since they control the work conditions and receive the benefit of the students' work.

However, it is in the University’s best interest to transfer the risk of these coverage's directly to the community agencies since they control the work conditions and receive the benefit of the students’ work.  This is handled through agreements between the University and the community organization.

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