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IELTS Test Preparation Material

For Academic and General Training module preparation: Official IELTS Practice Materials and Top Tips for IELTS can be purchased online here.

IELTS Test Samples - Academic and General Training test samples can be found here.

These publications are available from the publisher or on order from ESL bookstores. Useful websites to order these publications are:,,,

IELTS Test Preparation teaching material is also available on

The 'IELTS Scores Explained' DVD provides information on what the IELTS band scores actually mean, and contains general information about IELTS as well as a detailed description of the content of the test. In addition samples of test material for all four modules are included and examples of candidates' Speaking and Writing performance at different band levels are provided. This DVD is primarily of use to organizations that use IELTS scores to set appropriate standards of English language proficiency, but is also helpful to course designers, teachers, test takers, and anyone who needs to understand what IELTS scores mean in terms of language ability. The DVD can be ordered by using the online form.

Last Updated 5/20/13