IELTS Application Requirements

To register for an IELTS test at CSUEB in Hayward, California, you must submit:IELTS logo

  • an application (online only)
  • test fee payment (online only)
  • a clear photocopy, scan, or photo of your valid passport

You have 5 days to complete your application in order to confirm your registration. 

1.  Application

Please visit the IELTS Online Registration in the USA for instructions on how to complete your application.  You may visit the IELTS registration website to apply directly.  If you are not able to apply for a particular test date, it is likely that the enrollment is full and you will need to select a different date. 

You are responsible for determining which test module (Academic or General Training) that you need.  For more information on testing modules, visit

All questions on the application form must be fully completed.

Once you have successfully submitted an online application, you will be emailed further instructions on how to make a payment and submit a copy of your passport. 

2. Test fee payment

The test fee payment for 2016 test dates is $225. Test fee payment for 2017 test dates is $235.  All payments must be made online. The online payment system accepts check or credit card.  Instructions on how to submit payment will be emailed to you once you submit your application. 

3. A copy of your passport

A valid passport is the only form of identification accepted for enrollment at this test centre.  The passport must be the same document that has been indicated on your application form. The passport must be valid and unexpired.

You will need to scan, photocopy, or photograph the passport page(s) containing:

  • the photo
  • date of birth
  • passport number
  • date of expiry
  • signature (if any)
  • extension stamp (if applicable)

Instructions on how to submit your passport will be emailed to you once you submit your application. 

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