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Partner Programs

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ALP has partnerships with the following institutions:

  • Baekseok University, Chungnam, Korea
  • Chung Ang University, Seoul, Korea
  •, Muenster, Germany
  • Cultural Office of the Embassy of the State of Kuwait, Washington, DC
  • Embassy of the United Arab Emirites - Cultural Division, Washington, DC
  • Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Fukuoka, Japan
  • Fulbright Kommission, Berlin, Germany
  • Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Korea
  • Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan
  • IC-ACE, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Information Center, CSUEB, Tokyo, Japan
  • Kotins, Seoul, Korea
  • Kyonggi University, Seoul, Korea
  • Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea
  • Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, Washington, DC
  • South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China
  • Surugadai University, Saitama, Japan
  • Taipei County, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Turku School of Economics, Turku, Finland
  • University of Incheon, Incheon, Korea

Information for Prospective Partners

Cal State East Bay works with its partners to develop and implement programs at the Hayward Hills campus. These programs, ranging from 3 weeks to 12 months or more, are great opportunities to provide students—individuals and groups—learning, cultural and social experiences at an incredibility affordable price.

Students have access to a range of university, extension and English-language courses or certificates; an all-in-one competitive price for housing, activities and courses; flexible, customized programs designed to meet the needs of different students, individuals and groups; and a unique, global experience that is unavailable anywhere else in the world. For all of these reasons, Cal State University, East Bay is emerging as the global institution of choice for international partner organizations.

Cal State East Bay Partner Programs feature:

  • Classes offered in a variety of content areas
  • Field trips for first-hand experience in important business and cultural areas
  • Off-campus trips selected for relevance to the focus of the program
  • Classes taught by expert Cal state faculty, English teachers and specially trained American students acting as peer partners to group program students
  • Access to regular University course work in discipline of choice for eligible students
  • Airport transportation


Group Programs for International Partner Organizations

Cal State East Bay specializes in short-term and long-term group programs at varying levels that combine access to a wide variety of academic programs—including intensive English study, certificate programs and regular University undergraduate course work—with accommodations in the University's International House. A dedicated partner representative performs a needs analysis in collaboration with the partner organization to determine the group's specific requirements and needs. The custom program is then developed based on the needs of the overall group and each individual student.

Intensive English Program

The program teaches a wide variety of English skills including general English, business English, English for academic preparation and TESOL. The course curriculum offers six levels of instruction including beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Short-Term Programs

Cal State East Bay provides a range of short-term, non-degree programs that allow international students to advance their skills, specialize in a specific subject area or prepare for a post-graduate degree. These programs are flexible and tailored to an individual's or group's educational needs. They are uniquely designed for fast, intensive study that allows students to quickly return to the workplace, or move on to the next stage in their educations back home.

Available short-term programs include:

  • Certificates and Diplomas
    • International Business Diploma
    • Hospitality Career Certificate
    • Pre-MBA Program
    • TESOL Certificate
    • Custom-Designed Certificates
  • Continuing Education (Extension) Courses
  • Visiting International Program


Students in group (cohort) programs live on-campus at California State University, East Bay. Campus housing offers convenient, safe, affordable and fun residential life geared to the interests and needs of our international visitors. The management and staff of the facility provide support and programming that helps each student make the most of their visit, regardless of their length of stay at the University.

Last Updated 5/13/13