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Pre-MBA Fundamental Course Descriptions

For a printable version, see the Pre-MBA Fundamental Course Descriptions PDF.

Three MBA Fundamental courses are taught as part of the Pre-MBA, one each in the following quarters:

Fall :

MGMT 6015/ 7805

Data Analysis and Decision Modeling for Managers (4 units) Quantitative modeling and data analysis as they are applied for making managerial decisions in organizations. Topics include regression, correlation, forecasting models, optimization, decision analysis, project management, and simulation. Emphasis on usage of spreadsheet modeling and appropriate software technology.

Winter :

ACCT 6015/ 7810

Financial Accounting (4 units) Focus on financial reporting, analysis, interpretation, and decision-making for manager. Topics include constructing, analyzing and interpreting financial statements, analyzing operating income, operating assets, debt financing, owner financing, and off-balance-sheet financing.

Spring :

ITM 6015/ 7800

Information Systems Development and Management (4 units) Development of business information technology strategies and solutions for enterprise and global information management systems. Topics include the structure, analysis, design, and implementation of information technology.

Summer :

No fundamental courses are offered.

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