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TESOL Course Descriptions

Approaches, Designs and Procedures in Teaching ESL I
ENGL 7700 (4 units)

This course introduces current trends in language teaching; highlights practical, innovative applications of research in language learning and teaching; and teaches fundaments of lesson planning, materials selection and curriculum development for the second-language classroom.

Approaches, Designs and Procedures in Teaching ESL II
ENGL 7702 (4 units)

Examines advanced topics in language teaching with a focus on state-of-the-art classroom research in language learning and teaching, including the use of technology. Emphasis is placed on communicative language teaching, integration of skills and intercultural competence.

Pedagogical Grammar/Outcomes Assessment
ENGL 7701 (4 units)

This course examines the underlying structure of the English Language. Presented are up-to-date techniques in the teaching of English grammar and its accompanying structural linguistic components, as well as the methodologies in language assessment and evaluation.

ESL Practicum, Supervised Teaching
ENGL 7703 (5 units)

Teaching and tutoring in an ESL classroom under the guidance of a competent mentor teacher and relevant professional development activities.

Supplementary Practicum in American Language
Program (Pass/Fail)

Work with two teachers in the Intensive English Program to develop materials and teach classes.

Undergraduate English Elective (4 units)
With the assistance of an academic advisor, students choose an elective English course.

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