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Assessment is the process of collecting information about student learning and the learning experience in order to analyze and implement improvements for student learning. The purpose of student learning assessment at Cal State East Bay is to continually improve the quality of our academic and co-curricular programs to ensure that students are achieving our stated outcomes.

Assessment Cycle

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) are those learning outcomes that are expected of every graduate of the institution, both undergraduate and graduate and are closely aligned with General Education requirements.  ILOs are assessed according to the ILO Long Term Assessment Plan in the major and in co-curricular programs and activities.  ILOs are also assessed in our Overlays in our Local Breadth Requirements which are approved courses in  Diversity, Social Justice, and Sustainability that meet graduation requirements.  ILOs are assessed by the ILO Subcommittee, a  faculty committee.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) are associated with the requirements for the major. They are those outcomes that are expected of every graduate within a specific major or degree program, and are focused on mastery and depth of disciplinary knowledge. Assessment of Program Learning Outcomes is the responsibility of program faculty. The results are reported annually and through a five-year review cycle to the Committee on Academic Planning and Review (CAPR).

General Education Learning Outcomes are those outcomes that are expected of every undergraduate student who graduates from the institution. Assessment of General Education Learning Outcomes is the responsibility of the General Education Assessment, a subcommittee of CAPR.

Course Outcomes are developed by faculty and assessed by the individual faculty member teaching a course.  These are the knowledge, skills, and abilities expected of all students completing a course and are evaluated by the instructor as part of the regular grading process.

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