Physical Education Teaching Option

The Physical Education Teaching Option (48 units) is designed to prepare students for teaching physical education in grades K-12 in public and private schools. The curriculum is designed to meet Standard Requirements set forth by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The major with this option totals 91-95 units.

For those Physical Education Teaching Option students entering the program after July 1, 2008, please be advised that CSU East Bay's program is currently under review at the State level and degree requirements could change as a result of the review. This may mean that students would have additional requirements not yet listed in the catalog. Furthermore, students enrolling after July 1, 2008 may be required to take the CSET, depending on the program approval status at their completion date.

Note: Due to policy changes from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the Federal No Child Left Behind mandate, the Physical Education Option is periodically reviewed and changed to meet current state and federal standards. Consult a Physical Education Option Advisor for details and course requirements once they are available.


Lower Division Requirement

  • Biology 2010 (5)

Core Courses (45 units)

  • KIN 3300 Kinesiological Measurement (5)
  • KIN 3305 Structural Kinesiology (4)
  • KIN 3310 Biomechanics (5)
  • KIN 3320 Exercise Physiology (5)
  • KIN 3330 Motor Learning & Control (5)
  • KIN 3700 History of Sport (4)
  • KIN 3740 Philosophy of Sport (4)
  • KIN 3750 Sport in Contemporary Society (4)
  • KIN 3340 Motor Development (4)
  • KIN 3350 Sport & Exercise Psychology (5)

Theory-Analysis Practice Courses (15 units)

  • DANC 3241 The Dance Experience (3)
  • KIN 3072 Individual and Dual Sports (3)
  • KIN 3075 Aquatics and Outdoor Education (3)
  • KIN 3079 Combatives and Fitness Activities (3)
  • KIN 3080 Team Sports and Field Sports (3)

Foundation Courses (8 units)

  • KIN 4008 Physical Education for Exceptional Individuals (4)
  • KIN 4650 First Aid and Safety (4)

Pedagogical Courses (12 units)

  • KIN 4090 Computer Application in Educational Settings (4)
  • KIN 4004 Elementary School Physical Education (4)
  • KIN 4006 Secondary School Physical Education (4)
  • KIN 4031 Professional Field Experience (4)
    (Must be taken concurrently with P.E. 4004 & 4006)

Performance Requirments (6 units)

The skill proficiency requirement for all major students in Kinesiology, regardless of option, involves satisfactory completion of one (1) activity course in each of five categories: Swimming, Combatives, Team Sports, Individual or Dual Sports, and Fitness Activities. One beginning level course must be repeated at the intermediate level.

Physical Education Teaching Option Advisors:

Rita Liberti, Ph.D. (Last names A-L)

ZaNean Mclain, Ph.D. (Last names M-Z)
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