Pre Athletic Training Option (41 units)(Discontinued for new students as of Fall 2013; (New students see Physical Athletic Studies)

The Pre Athletic Training Option provides students an opportunity to gain experience in the prevention, management, and rehabilitation of activity related injuries. The program is not an accredited entry-level Athletic Training education program. Students completing the option are eligible to make application to Accredited Graduate Entry-level Athletic Training Education programs. Accredited Graduate Entry-level Athletic Training Education programs.Updated 4/23/08 The breadth of courses in the option give the student an excellent background in the prevention, care, assessment, and rehabilitation of injuries, nutrition and exercise, and exercise program design. As part of the upper division option requirements, students work in the CSUEB athletic training facilities assisting the CSUEB Athletic Training staff with the care of injuries sustained by the intercollegiate athletes. Skills acquired include injury management techniques including modality administration, taping techniques, stretching, rehabilitation exercises, and injury prevention. Valuable experience may be gained in preparation for a variety of professional fields including athletic training, physical therapy, fitness training, and strength and conditioning.

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1. Lower Division (18 units)

  • BIOL 1001 (Biol 1001 Introduction to Biology (4) Biol 1002 Introduction to Biology Lab (1))
  • Introduction to Biology, Lab (5)
  • BIOL 2010 Human Physiology and Anatomy 1 (or 2011) (5)
  • KIN 1625 Nutrition and Performance (4)
  • KIN 2600 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (4)

2. Upper Division (21 units)

  • KIN 3600 Evaluation and Care of Athletic Injuries (5)
  • KIN 3601 Athletic Training: Modalities and Rehabilitation (4)
  • KIN 4031 Professional Field Experience (off campus) (2)
  • KIN 4030 Professional Field Experience (2)
  • KIN 4600 Athletic Training Practicum (2, 2)
  • KIN 4610 Exercise Prescription (4)
  • KIN 2650 First Aid and Safety (2)

Pre Athletic Training Option Advisor A-Z:

Glen Borgeson

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