Teacher Education Faculty

The Department of Teacher Education faculty is comprised of professors committed to preparing effective teachers and other educational professionals for California's diverse schools. The faculty have recognized expertise and are active in the professional discipline of Teacher Education. They are supplemented by a select group of lecturers drawn from respected universities and public schools in the Bay Area.

College of Education and Allied Studies

Faculty Members

Eric Engdahl, Department Chair

Li-Ling Chen, Professor

Joan Davenport, Professor (FERP)

Phillip Duren, Professor (FERP)

Denise Fleming, Professor

Bijan Gillani, Professor

Valerie Helgren-Lempesis, Associate Professor

Michele Korb, Associate Professor

Shira Lubliner, Professor

Julia McNamara, Associate Profesor

James Mitchell, Professor

Lettie Ramirez, Professor

Mary Soto, Assistant Professor

Program Coordinators

Educational Technology Leadership - Bijan Gillani & Li-Ling Chen

Masters Early Childhood Education and Curriculum - Valerie Helgren-Lempesis

Masters Reading Instruction - Shira Lubliner

Accredidation Coordinator - Shira Lubliner

Single Subject Credential Program Coordinator, PACT Coordinator, Intern Coordinator - Dania Massey

Multiple Subject Credential Program Coordinator, PACT Coordinator, Intern Coordinator - Kelly Moore

Single Subject Placement Coordinators - Kelly MogilefskyDiane Mukerjee

Multiple Subject Placement Coordinators - Joan Davenport (Contra Costa County) & Jenny Rikkers (Alameda County)

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