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This page contains a list of interesting and valuable links to anthropology on the World Wide Web, either to sites which are directly about anthropology, or to sites which are closely related to it.

Social Cultural Anthropology

  • The Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing A site from the University of Kent, England, which has many links to social anthropology and also has a number of links about the use of computers in anthropology.
  • IPUMS is the acronym for the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS-98). Created at the University of Minnesota in October 1997, the series consists of twenty-five high-precision samples of the American population drawn from thirteen federal censuses from 1850 to 1990.

Biological Anthropology

  • Hominid Paleo-Etology An extensive multilingual site on hominids from the University of Barcelona.
  • U.C. Berkeley Museum of Paleontology This is a very good site on Paleontology and one of the first science pages to contain searchable databases, complete with pictures of specimen. It also has links to many other good paleontology sites.
  • Human Genome Map A site from the National Institute of Health on the mapping of the human genome, with a wealth of information about DNA studies.
  • Peter Brown's Australian and Asian Paleoanthropology This site contains pictures and text covering skeletal material from many late Pleistocene and early Holocene excavations in Australia and Asia.
  • The American Association of Physical Anthropologists This is the official web site for the Association which has over 1100 members and was established in 1930.
  • End of the Dinosaurs This site from the National Museum of Natural History documents the results of deep sea core drilling which clearly reveal the K/T boundary signaling the end of the Cretaceous and the beginning of the Tertiary. This new evidence supports the hypothesis of a meteor hitting the earth 65 MYA and bringing an end to the Dinosaurs.


  • Maritime History A detailed list of maritime history sources on the Internet.
  • Yahoo-Science:Anthropology and Archaeology The Yahoo Internet site, which began as a project by students at Stanford, has grown to become one of the more popular resources to surf the web. This link takes you to the section of Yahoo's pages that contain several different categories of sites related to anthropology and archaeology.
  • Galaxy-Anthropology This is another site similar to Yahoo which supplies a good list of links to both archaeology and cultural anthropology.

Government Sites

  • National Park Service This homepage has links to information on all the national parks and a special section on archaeology and how to find sites to visit, or even to volunteer for work under the V.I.P. (Volunteers In the Park) program.
  • U.S. Forest Service This is the homepage for the Forest Service, a division of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. It has a search engine to research its pages.

Internet Directories


  • Illinois State Museum This site contains online exhibits, access to Faunmap, GIS info, the Illinois State Academy of Science and much more.
  • Lawrence Hall of Science This site is geared towards students in the K-12 age range but has some interesting links.
  • C.E. Smith Museum This site contains information about the latest exhibits at the museum and also carries reports on a wide variety of excavations carried out by Cal State University, East Bay. One large section is dedicated to the details of a series of excavations of a Chinese labor camp near Lake Chabot named Yema-Po, which includes pictures of artifacts, interesting samples of the historical research and details of the results of the archaeological investigation.
  • Peabody Museum A gopher site which gives you access to several large databases from the Peabody Museum. Also links to other sites at Yale, including a link to an interesting site to their Native American Studies program.
  • U.C. Berkeley Museum of Paleontology This is a very good site on Paleontology and one of the first science pages to contain searchable databases, complete with pictures of specimen. It also has links to many other good paleontology sites.
  • Museum Computer Network AAM Home page This is the official site of the American Association of Museums and includes links to Cultural Heritage Information Online.

Maps, Geography and GIS

  • USGS The homepage of the Geological survey, this is a very good site with a wealth of good information.
  • Edinburgh Geology This site leads you to the Department of Geology at the University of Edinburgh. It contains a tutorial on GIS with examples of currents projects concerning subjects including global geomorphology. It also contains a link to the Department of Archaeology.

Selected Universities

  • CSU Campus WWW Sites A list of all the websites at Cal State University campuses. A very good resource for research.
  • California State University, East Bay The homepage of Cal State University, East Bay with information on Anthropology, Geology and other academic departments.
  • UC Berkeley-Anthropology A link to the Department of Anthropology at UC Berkeley with links to other anthropology sites.
  • UCLA Anthropology A look into the department at UCLA with information about the Ph.D. program. This site gives a broad overview of research work being done here.


  • Faunmap A very useful map which provides distribution patterns for diverse taxon based upon data from many different archaeological sites.
  • AlpacaNet A site intended primarily for commercial producers of llamas, but which contains some useful information on llamas.
  • LlamaWeb Again, a commercial site for llama raisers, but which contains good information about llamas for anthropologists.
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