Resources for Study in English

The Library

The CSUEB University Libraries have some great resources for our use. On their home page, they offer a subject page that lists the resources that are available for your use. In order to access these resources from a computer off campus, you will be asked to login with your net ID and password.

Citation and Documentation

Go to the University Libraries home page (, scroll down to the “How to” section on the right, and click “Cite Your Sources.” This will give you links to a variety of web links (such as the OWL at Purdue, Diana Hacker, and Duke University, and CSUEB tutorials (which require flash and the ability to activate sound)

Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Plagiarism

Reference Works: Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Translation Services

Online Handbooks and Online Writing Labs

Resources for Literary Study

Web Evaluation Sites

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