Piano Proficiency

The Piano Proficiency Exam at the Cal State East Bay Department of Music includes a variety of competencies that demonstrate basic functionality at the keyboard, appropriate to a Bachelor of Arts student in Music. These include:

▪ Scales and technique

▪ Chord playing and harmonic vocabulary

▪ Chord progressions and cadence patterns

▪ Reading and sight-reading

▪ Harmonization using lead-sheet symbols and Roman numerals

▪ Transposition

▪ Improvisation

▪ Repertoire at the Early Intermediate level

▪ Choral score reading, including hymns

▪ Playing music for transposing instruments (B-flat clarinet, Horn in F, etc.)

▪ Basic vocal and instrumental accompanying

In order to graduate, all CSUEB Music students must pass the Piano Proficiency requirement. All music students must complete Basic Keyboard I and Basic Keyboard II (core requirements with co-requisites Music Theory I-II and Aural Skills I-II).

The most efficient way to complete the Piano Proficiency requirement is to enroll in Intermediate Keyboard I and Intermediate Keyboard II (Basic Keyboard II is a pre-req). While some students elect to work on Proficiency requirements independently, it is not recommended and may significantly delay graduation. Students not enrolled in Intermediate Keyboard I or Intermediate Keyboard II who wish to demonstrate their mastery of proficiency items may only do so during the fall and spring Final Exam period. Contact Dr. Shimron at least 21 days in advance to schedule a hearing.

For all other questions regarding Piano Proficiency exams, contact Dr. Omri Shimron, Coordinator of Piano Area. E-mail: omri.shimron@csueastbay.edu

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