Vocal & Choral Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Sing in a Choir?

  • Singing is a great way to meet new people.
  • You will become a better singer.
  • You will become a better musician.
  • You will become part of a team and a community.
  • You will inspire and touch the lives of audiences.
  • You will learn many cultural connections.
  • You may travel to new and exciting places.
  • You will learn about music and people you never knew you never knew.
  • Studies have shown making music reduces stress and is good for your health.
  • Studies have shown your overall academics may improve.
  • You will develop a skill you can use your entire life.

How do I join a choir?

Anyone can audition for the East Bay Choirs. Membership is open to students, faculty, staff and community members.

When can I join the choir?

Auditions take place during the first week of each year for all choirs. There are auditions at the beginning of winter and spring quarters if space is available in the choirs.

How much does it cost to join the choir?

There is no cost to join the East Bay Choirs. All music is provided, and singers are expected to purchase their performing attire. Every singer must provide his or her own black folder for the concerts.

What attire is required for the concerts?

Singing Society singers wear black dresses for the women and tuxes for the men. The East Bay Singers women wear a specific dress and the men wear tuxedos with tails.

Does the choir have an attendance policy?

Singers rarely miss rehearsals. When they do have to miss, they may be asked to demonstrate that they stayed caught up with what was rehearsed. In order to perform, each singer must make 80% of the scheduled rehearsals.

Where do the choirs perform?

The Choirs perform all over the East Bay in churches and auditoriums. There are often performances on campus, and members of the East Bay Singers and Jazz Singers travel locally, nationally and internationally to sing concerts.

Can I receive University credit hours for for participation in the East Bay Choirs?

Absolutely. Students are required to register and receive one unit of credit each quarter. Community members may, but are not required to, register for Singing Society, but must register through Open University for The East Bay Singers or Jazz Singers.

Do I need to practice outside of rehearsals?

The East Bay Choirs have such little rehearsal time that some time must be spent between rehearsals practicing and memorizing music. Often rehearsal recordings are provided, and The East Bay Singers and Jazz Singers have regularly scheduled sectionals. Every singer's time is valuable, so help is offered to everyone who needs it.

What if I have to drop out of the choir mid-year?

Our singers have busy lives. If you are in the Singing Society and you must drop out, you may audition to rejoin at a later date. Members of the Jazz Singers and East Bay Singers are expected to sing for the entire academic year, unless they graduate or have a conflict involving a class for their major.

Can I get voice lessons as a member of the East Bay Choirs?

There are often opportunities to receive voice lessons as part of the East Bay Choirs. Speak with the conductor about these possibilities.

Does everyone who auditions make the choir?

Unfortunately there is not currently enough room for everyone who auditions for the CSUEB Choral Program. But, every singer who does not make The Choirs can meet with the Director of Choral Activities to discuss ways to improve in the future.

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