Music Equipment Office


Lockers for instrument storage are issued according to the following conditions and regulations:

  1. Lockers will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Lockers will only be assigned for storage of musical instruments used in classes offered by the Music Department.
  3. Only one will be assigned at a time. Students needing more locker space will be accommodated at a later time, provided that there are more lockers available and the student has proven need for additional storage space.
  4. Locker sizes will be assigned according to the instrument to be stored. The following chart will be used to determine which size locker will be assigned for a particular instrument.
    Locker Sizes
    Locker Size Instruments
    A Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Soprano Clarinet
    B Trumpet, Cornet
    C Alto Saxophone, Alto Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon
    D Violin, Viola, Alto Clarinet, Bassoon
    E Small Guitar, Tenor Saxophone, Tenor Trombone
    F French Horn, Small Baritone
    G Cello, Guitar
    H Double Bass
    I Bass Trombone, Large Guitar, Large Baritone
    J Baritone Saxophone, Electric Bass
    K Tuba, Cello, Guitar
    L Double Bass
    M Tuba, Cello, Guitar
  5. Some instruments cannot be stored in lockers due to the limited locker sizes available. If there are no lockers that can reasonably accommodate an instrument, that instrument may be stored in room 1525 during posted working hours, space permitting.
  6. Lockers will need to be reissued each quarter. Two weeks before the end of the current quarter, a list will be placed outside room 1525. Students will sign name to identify their intent to retain their current lockers. Students failing to do so given a one-week grace period to retain the locker. Students failing to do so after the grace period will have the content emptied, and combination changed. Contents will be retained in room 1525 for one quarter after removal and then will be sent either to Public Safety or discarded as deemed fit.
  7. Lockers with keys will be subject to the additional checkout procedures because of having a key issued. Reissue will follow the above procedures and those set forth in the equipment loan policy.
  8. Lockers are subject to inspection and search at the discretion of the Department and/ or University Police. The students are allowed to occupy the locker, but retain no rights and or/ privileges to the locker. (By accepting the combination, students acknowledge these terms and limited use conditions.)
  9. The Department of Music reserves the right to terminate the students use of any locker at any time. Furthermore, the Department of Music, accepts no liability for any item or article within the locker. The Department of Music will not be held liable for theft or damage to any student property or supplies while in the locker.
    Use lockers at your own risk!

Music Department Equipment Office Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday from 9a.m. - 5:00p.m. (MB 1525)

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