Recital Scheduling


Noon Recitals

Performances on noon recitals are limited to no more than 8 minutes per performer. Exceptions must be pre-approved by applied instructor and the Music Department Chair.

Noon Recital Date Confirmation and Program Submission:

Your noon recital place is not confirmed and finalized until the following has taken place:

  1. Your recital program information form has been completed using the Program Information Recital Form. Only typed forms will be accepted.
  2. You have submitted the completed and signed form to the Music Resource Center no later than one week prior to your noon recital performance date.

Degree Recitals

Procedure to schedule degree recital:

  1. Schedule your performance date with the Music Resource Center (MB2047) by the end of the "add/drop" period of the quarter prior to the performance quarter. No recital may be given during the last two weeks of any quarter (Monday of the last week of classes through Friday of finals week). Departmental approval is required for recital date scheduling during acdemic breaks or summer quarter.
  2. A degree recital jury date and time to occur approximately 5 weeks prior to your scheduled recital date will be scheduled for you by the Music Resource Center. You will receive confirmation of both your performance date and your jury date, time, and location by email.
  3. Bring to your jury on the date and time assigned:
    • Three (3) copies of your complete program (print ready). Voice students must also provide 3 copies of their translations (print ready).
    • One (1) Recital Jury Signature Form (top portion filled out)

Degree recital juries are scheduled by the Music Resource Center to be as close to 5 weeks prior to the scheduled recital date as possible. Recitalists are informed of their appointed jury time and date as well as their planned recital date/time confirmation via email confirmation from the Music Resource Center. A student will pass the degree recital jury if two or more faculty jury members agree that the performance is acceptable, and the student will be notified within one-week of the jury at which time the Degree Recital Date will be officially confirmed.

Dress Rehearsals

Degree recitalists may reserve the Recital Hall (MB1055) for dress rehearsals pending room availability according to the limitations listed below:

  • Undergraduate, non piano: One (1) 1-hour dress rehearsal (or Two (2) half-hour rehearsals)
  • Undergraduate, piano and all graduate: Two (2) 1-hour dress rehearsals (or Four (4) half-hour rehearsals)

Program Song Translations

Song translations which are not of your own creation, must be either be public domain material or accompanied by written permission from the copyright owner to reprint (if the translation is still copyright protected). Many on-line and printed sources do claim copyright ownership, but will grant permission if it is requested in a timely manner, and if proper citation is given. In all cases, you must cite your source and give credit where due. It is the responsibility of the recitalist to prepare translations for both his/her jury and recital.

Students who do not adhere to the recital scheduling procedures and regulations face cancellation of their recital date(s) without question or exception.

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