Reflections 2004

Call for Student Papers and Art for Reflections

CSUEB'S Undergraduate Philosophy Journal

Deadline: Wednesday, June 1, 2005

We are looking for talented CSUEB students to contribute original pieces of

philosophically oriented writing (broadly construed) and interesting artworks for our publication.

Hey, you're brilliant! Why not be published?

Reflections seeks papers on topics dealing with (but not limited to) metaphysics, aesthetics, ethics, epistemology, political, critical, literary and/or social theory. Interdisciplinary work and philosophical fiction are also welcome.

No need to be a Philosophy major or minor to submit!

Please submit your piece of writing (maximum length: 3,000 words, no minimum, short pieces are welcome) via e-mail attachment as a Word or rich text file to Jennifer Eagan at References should be cited in MLA format (for info go here: All submissions are subject to editorial correction of grammar, punctuation, and consistency.

Please submit art in digital format. If you have a painting, sculpture, or drawing, photograph it and send us the digital photo via e-mail attachment or disc and include the title of your work.

We are also looking for hard working student editors and folks to work on editing and lay out. If you are interested, please contact Jennifer Eagan, Faculty Advisor to

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