California Association of Voting Officials (CAVO)

California Association of Voting Officials launches PSA featuring Peter Coyote

Mar. 18, 2014 - California Association of Voting Officials (CAVO) today released a public service announcement featuring their efforts to provide technology solutions for the election system crisis affecting voting officials.

CAVO President Kammi Foote announced the PSA is produced by Mark Wolf / Change the World Productions with narration by civil rights stalwart Peter Coyote.  "Peter has been a transparency advocate for many years, and we are very appreciative of his involvement" stated Foote. 

Foote, the elected registrar from Inyo County has been increasingly visible as a proponent of innovative technology, namely "open source solutions" in the elections arena.

CAVO's leadership includes election officials, activists and technologists. . The association plans to create and certify an open source (General Public License) off-the-shelf commodity voting system that can be a model nationally. 

CAVO has announced board member Brian J. Fox as heading up the technical team, and Fox has been joined by advisory board members Bob J. Nash as well as Doug Kellner from the New York State Board of Elections.  

The Presidential Commission on Election Administration recently released its findings calling for reform of the standards and certification process to allow for innovative technology based voting systems.  The report condemned the current available systems as antiquated.

"I have been elected to certify the vote count as proper and I need the tools to carry out my duty. Publicly owned open source voting systems increase security and reduce cost and should immediately be made available to election officials"   Kammi Foote, Voting Official / Registrar, Inyo County, CA 

California Association of Voting Officials website: (Dr. Elizabeth Bergman is a member of the CAVO Board.)

For more information - contact Brent Turner: 650-726-1133 /

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