Program Description

The Department of Social Work offers graduate study leading to the Degree of Masters of Social Work (MSW). It admits MSW students every fall. Two concentrations are offered as part of the MSW program: Children, Youth, and Family Services (CYF) and Community Mental Health Services (CMH). The program is designed to prepare full-time (afternoon and evening) students for a career in the field of social work.

CYF  is available for individuals interested in working in traditional child welfare services, family service agencies, adolescent services, family preservation services, etc. Applicants who apply for this option may be eligible for a two-year Title IV-E stipend dependant upon meeting programmatic guidelines.

CMH is available for individuals interested in working in community mental health agencies, crisis intervention services, case management with the chronically and persistently mentally ill and other mental health services with emphasis on public sector work.

Social Work is a growing profession with extensive opportunities for employment. Social workers have over a hundred year history of working with oppressed and vulnerable populations. As we continue in the 21st century, social workers will maintain their key role as change agents assisting those in need to meet the challenges of living in an increasingly complex multicultural and multiracial society.

Degree Requirements

The MSW degree program requires completion of 88 quarter units (89 quarter units for Title IV-E or Calswec II students), distributed among core courses, option courses, elective courses, and a graduate paper (Capstone or thesis). Of these, at least 76 units must be completed in residence after being admitted to the program (transfer units are limited to 13 quarter units). No course numbered 1000 to 2999 (or equivalent if taken elsewhere) may be used as part of the 88- or 89-unit graduate degree program.

Note: Title IV-E and Calswec II are stipend programs in the fields public child welfare and mental health respectively.

A grade point average of 3.0 must be maintained in the 88 or 89 quarter units taken to satisfy the degree requirements. All graduate degree requirements must be completed within the five (5) years prior to graduation.

Curricular Requirements

A. Core Requirements (44-45 units)

Prerequisite courses (STAT 1000 or equivalent, human biology or anatomy and physiology) must be completed before taking the required courses.

SW 6000, 6001 Human Behavior and Social Environment I, II (4, 4)
SW 6010 Race, Gender, and Inequality in Social Work Practice (4)
SW 6011, 6012, 6013 Generalist Practice I, II, III (4, 4, 4)
SW 6020, 6021, 6022 Field Instruction I, II, III (4, 4, 4)
SW 6030, Social Welfare Policy: History and Philosophy (4)
SW 6032 Social Work Research (4)
SW 6400 Title IV-E Seminar (for IV-E stipend students only) (1)

B. Options (32-33 units):

Select one of the following options:

1. Children, Youth, and Families (CYF)

SW 6500 Advanced Micro Practice: CYF (4)
SW 6510 Advanced Mezzo Practice: CYF (4)
SW 6520 Advocacy and Macro Practice: CYF (4)
SW 6530, 6531, 6532 Field Instruction IV, V, VI (4, 4, 4)
SW 6932 Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis (4)
SW 6935 Program Evaluation (4)

2. Community Mental Health (CMH)

SW 6505 Advanced Micro Practice: CMH (4)
SW 6515 Advanced Mezzo Practice: CMH (4)
SW 6525 Advocacy and Macro Practice: CMH (4)
SW 6530, 6531, 6532 Field Instruction IV, V, VI (4, 4, 4)
SW 6932 Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis (4)
SW 6935 Program Evaluation (4)
SW 6405 Community Mental Health Seminar (for Calswec II students only) (1)

C. Electives (8 units):

Select 8 units from the following courses:

SW 6550 Social Work Psychosocial Rehabilitation (4)
SW 6552 Legal Issues in Social Work Practice (4)
SW 6553 Assessment and Treatment of Substance Abuse (4)
SW 6554 Occupational Social Work (4)
SW 6555 School Social Work (4)
SW 6556 Human Sexuality and Social Work (4)
SW 6557 Sex Roles and Gender Discrimination: Women's Issues in Social Work (4)
SW 6558 Supervision and Staff Development (4)
SW 6559 Youth and the Justice System (4)
SW 6560 Family Violence across the Lifespan (4)
SW 6561 Advanced Psychosocial Assessment And Diagnosis (4)
SW 6562 Crisis Intervention and Brief Treatment (4)
SW 6999 Issues in Social Work (various topics) (1- 4)

D. Capstone Experience:

SW 6909 Departmental Thesis (4) or SW 6959 Integrative Seminar (4)

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