James Murray

Assistant Professor

Department of Biological Sciences

(510) 885-2367
SC-S 303
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I have been doing biological research since 1987, teaching biology since 1988, and been a professor of biology since 1998.  I came to CSUEB in 2008 to teach physiology and related courses.  

Professional Focus

I study the neural basis of behavior in the relatively simpler nervous systems of sea slugs.  Our lab is interested in the mechanisms of navigation and in chemical ecology of toxicity.


  • Ph.D. U. Washington, Zoology 1994
  • B.S. Cornell U., Neurobiology & Behavior 1988


Not teaching this quarter.


Publications: (student co-authors are underlined)


(1)    Murray JA, Cain  SD, Estepp JD (2006) Advances in the neural bases of orientation and navigation, Integrative and Comparative Biology 46(6):871-879 (advanced online; doi:10.1093/icb/icl037)

(2)    Blackwell JS, Murray JA(2005) Neuronal responses to water flow in the marine slug Tritonia diomedea, Impulse [Online at http://impulse.schc.sc.edu/]

(3)    Redondo RL , Murray JA (2005) A single neuron serves a significant role in effecting turning while crawling in the marine slug Tritonia diomedea(Bergh), Journal of Comparative Physiology A   191:435-444 [Online; PubMed 15778839]

(4)    Murray JA, Links AC, Willows AOD (accepted) Orientation of the nudibranch Tritonia diomedea to tidal water flow in nature (Marine and Freshwater Behavior and Physiology)

(5)    Murray JA (2004) Distributing digital video to multiple computers, The Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education (JUNE), Spring, 2(2): A62-A64 [Online at http://www.funjournal.org/]

(6)    Beck JC, Murray JA, Willows AOD, Cooper MS (2000) Computer-assisted visualizations of neural networks: expanding the field of view using seamless confocal montaging, J Neurosci Methods 98:155-163 [PubMed 10880829]

(7)    Kristan, WB Jr, Skalak R, Wilson RJA, Skierczynski BA, Murray JA, Eisenhart FJ, Cacciatore TW (1996) Biomechanics of hydroskeletons: lessons learned from studies of crawling in the medicinal leech. In, Biomechanics and Neural Control of Movement—9th Engineering Foundation Conference, June 1-6, 1996, Mt. Sterling, OH, USA

(8)    Murray JA, Willows AOD (1996) Function of identified nerves in orientation to water flow in Tritonia diomedea.  J Comp Physiol A 178:201-209 [PubMed 8592304]

(9)    Murray, JA (1994) Neural correlates of orientation to water-flow in Tritonia diomedea. Doctoral dissertation, University of Washington [UW library | Download]

(10)    Libersat F, Murray JA, Hoy RR (1994) Frequency as a releaser in the courtship song of two crickets Gryllus bimaculatus (De Geer) and Teleogryllus oceanicus: a neuroethological analysis.J Comp Physiol A 174:485-494 [PubMed 8182564]

(11)    Murray JA, Hewes RS, Willows AOD (1992) Water-flow sensitive pedal neurons in Tritonia: role in rheotaxis.  J Comp Physiol A 171:373-385 [PubMed 1447725]



Grants and Fellowships:(student co-PIs & extramural grants are underlined)

(1)    CSU COAST Collaborative Incentive Award (with Drs. Sommerhalter and Amagata), $27,385

Fall 2009

(2)    CSUEB College of Science Sieber interdisciplinary grant, $1200

Spring 2009

(3)    CSUEB Faculty Support Grant, "The neuronal mechanisms of multisensory navigation using an invertebrate model", ($3,021)

Spring 2008

(4)    CSUEB Faculty Support Grant, "Do single brain cells control speed & direction of crawling navigation?", ($7,005)

Fall 2007



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