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First Year Faculty Experience (FYFE) Workshops 2013-2014

The First Year Faculty Experience (FYFE) workshops were first offered beginning Fall 2012 to address and anticipate the needs of faculty new to the CSUEB campus. Comprised of ten to twelve workshops across the academic year, the workshops fall under three broad topical categories: teaching, research, and campus policies and governance. Attendance is rewarded through stipends and a year-end gift from Academic Affairs. The workshops are recorded on East Bay Replay so that faculty who cannot attend a workshop may still learn 'the ropes' and participate in the reward program, although in-person attendance is both recommended and encouraged to help build a cohort experience.

2013-2014 FYFE East Bay Replay

2013-2014 FYFE Workshop Descriptions

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Fall 2013
Name Who Are Our Students?
Date & Location Wednesday, October 23, 12-2pm, VBT 136
Description This workshop will introduce you to important information about our students--demographic backgrounds, academic preparation, and retention rates and acquaint you with the GE learning community program for freshmen. (Presenter: Amber Machamer, Associate Vice President Planning and Institutional Resources, Sally Murphy, Director, General Education)
Name Diversity & Student Learning
Date & Location Wednesday, November 6, 12-2pm, VBT 136
Description Culture and cognition are intimately linked. In this workshop we will discuss powerful classroom practices that incorporate student contributions to the learning process, acknowledge differences, and help to build safe learning environment. (Presenters: Dianne Rush Woods, Diversity Officer, Sarah Taylor, Social Work)
Name Six Strategies for Meaningful, Sustainable Assessment of Student Learning
Date & Location Wednesday, November 20, 12-2pm, VBT 136
Description This workshop will provide ideas for meaningful assessment techniques at the course, program, and institutional level. Join colleagues from the Student Learning Outcomes Subcommittee for a session focused on six strategies—from rubrics and signature assignments to thesis handbooks and student-generated program outcomes—aimed at helping faculty better assess student learning and discover ways to further that learning. (Presenters: Sarah Nielsen and Members of the Student Learning Outcomes Subcommittee)
Name Accessibility Services & You
Date & Location Wednesday, December 4, 12-2pm, VBT 136
Description Many instructors will become acquainted with Accessibility Services as their students present them with requests for accessible testing and other classroom accommodations. Accessibility Services supports both students and faculty. Come to this workshop to learn about your responsibilities for students with disabilities and the students' responsibilities to receive accommodations in the classroom—just in time for Winter quarter! (Presenters: Katie Brown, Accessibility Services, Daminna Standfield, Accessibility Services)
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Winter 2014
Name Online Pedagogy
Date & Location Wednesday, January 14, 12-2pm, VBT 136
Description In Fall 2013 our campus offered more than 140 courses online and several dozen hybrid courses. Chances are, if you haven’t taught on line yet, you will. We will review best practices in online course design, discuss building community and sustaining student engagement in online classes, and identify tools—technological and otherwise—for success. Presenters: Meg Wright, OHSC, Jodi Servatius, Educational Leadership.
Name Academic Policies: Fairness and Academic Integrity
Date & Location Wednesday, February 19, 12-2pm, VBT 136
Description What are campus policies and faculty responsibilities with regard to student academic integrity and or dishonesty and student complaints about course policies and grading? What happens to students when they are reported for academic dishonesty? What happens when they formally pursue a fairness petition? How can we avoid these situations? This workshop will acquaint you with policies and provide tips based on ‘real life' situations. Presenters: Donna Wiley, Graduate Studies and Academic Programs, Hal Gin, Interim Director, Judicial Affairs.
Name Setting Your Scholarship Goals and Following Through on Them
Date & Location Wednesday, March 12, 12-2pm, LI 2250
Description Maintaining your scholarly productivity is a challenge, but meeting your goals enhances your teaching, nourishes your professional interests, and is an expected part of the path toward tenure and promotion. Come hear tips and experiences from your active scholar/teacher colleagues. Presenters: Danika LeDuc, Chemistry and Biology, Bridget Ford, History/University Honors Program, Michele Korb, Teacher Education.
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Spring 2014
Name The Scholars' Mind & Body
Date & Location Wednesday, April 2, 12-2 LI 2250
Description Scholarly work takes its toll on the scholars’ body as does the pace of teaching three classes. Back pain, fatigue, stress, and other physical manifestations are common. Come hear colleagues share their research and insights on preventative strategies and ways to manage the physical and emotional challenges of faculty life. (Presenters: Rita Liberti, KPE, Jennifer Sherwood, KPE, Mary D’alleva, Center for Community Engagement)
Name Cognitive Science in the College Classroom
Date & Location Wednesday, May 14 12-2 LI 2250
Description Recent scholarship in cognitive science suggests that if we think about how the brain works and how learning happens as we design our classes, in-class activities, and assignments, we can help our students maximize student learning. Join colleagues who do research in this area for a stimulating conversation that will have you thinking about thinking and learning. Presenters: Bijan Gillani, Teacher Education, David Fencsik, Psychology
Name Guide to Faculty Governance
Date & Location Wednesday,April 16 12-2 LI 2250
Description California State East Bay has a long and rich tradition of Faculty Governance and service. This nuts-and-bolts session will provide you with an overview of the organization of, opportunities for, and benefits to involvement in service. Panelists will also provide tips on balancing service with research and teaching. Presenters Mitch Watnik, Statistics/Academic Senate and Susan Gubernat, English/Statewide Academic Senate.
Name Understanding the Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Process
Date & Location Wednesday, May 28 12-2 LI 2250
Description This workshop demystifies the RTP process, provides tips for using the annual retention experience to prepare for tenure and promotion, and helps you plan your early career goals with tenure and promotion in mind. Presenter: Eileen Barrett, English, Jessica Weiss, Faculty Development.
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