Event Preparation

Technical Support

CTS will provide event technical support for any audio video needs on campus.

Video Conferencing (2-way Video/Webinars/Webcasts)

Use this selection to request a room-based, 2-way video conference and related technical coordination. Specify whether or not CSU East Bay is the host site (originating the conference) or the receive site (a participant campus). If CSU East Bay is the receive site please provide the technical contact information (names, engineer phone # etc.) of the origination site so CSU technical staff can contact them and perform connectivity /compatibility tests. If CSU East Bay is the origination (host) site, IT technical staff will act as the liaison with the remote sites technical staff. The client is responsible for coordinating conferencing services at the remote sites. Note: A limited number of special rooms equipped with 2-way video conferencing capability are available on campus and must be reserved by the client. Some of these are regularly scheduled classrooms.

Video Streaming

Use this selection to request that a campus event be streamed over the internet to remote sites including other desktops, other rooms or off campus locations. This service is usually limited to large campus-wide events and normally requires captioning which must be funded by the event's sponsor and is provided by an outside captioning agency. Site map of event is required. Sound reinforcement and staging provided by others. See "Event Support" services listings.. Interpreters must also be provided at the event and at the remote site if live captioning is not provided. Interpreting services are arranged through the SDRC.

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