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Compassion expert James Doty speaks at TEDxHayward, May 9

Image of Dr. James Doty will be speaking at CSUEB's TEDxHayward on May 9.

Compassion researcher Dr. James Doty will speak at CSUEB's TEDxHayward on May 9. (Photo:

  • May 6, 2013 5:00am

Why do so many in the West who have all of their basic needs met still feel impoverished? While some politicians might answer, "It's the economy, stupid," Based on scientific evidence, a better answer is, "It's the lack compassion, stupid." ~ James Doty, MD, The Science of Compassion

James Doty, MD, clinical professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at Stanford University and the director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University School of Medicine, will speak at Cal State East Bay on May 9 as part of TEDxHayward.

As Director of CCARE, Dr. Doty has collaborated on a number of research projects focused on compassion and altruism including the use of neuro-economic models to assess altruism, use of the CCARE developed compassion cultivation training in individuals and its effect, assessment of compassionate and altruistic judgment utilizing implanted brain electrodes and the use of optogenetic techniques to assess nurturing pathways in rodents. Presently, he is developing collaborative research projects to assess the effect of compassion training on immunologic and other physiologic determinates of health, the use of mentoring as a method of instilling compassion in students and the use of compassion training to decrease pain.

TEDxHayward will take place on the Cal State East Bay’s Hayward campus on May 9, from 10am to 6pm, in the Multipurpose room of the University Union. During the course of the event, 16 speakers will each take an 18-minute slot to creatively share their knowledge, experience or research related to the event's 2013 theme of "Applied Peace Innovation." TEDxHayward is free and open to the public with advanced registration.


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