2014-15 Faculty Learning Community:
Diverse and Inclusive Teaching and Learning

FLC Group Photo

Our FLC members share some of their best practices for DSJ teaching.

  1. Duke Austin, Department of Sociology
    The Social Construction of What
  2. Margaret Harris, Department of Educational Leadership
    Advocating for Social Justice: Developing an Equity Plan -- A Collaborative Student Engagement Project
  3. Sarah Taylor, Department of Social Work
    Culturally Inclusive, Responsive, and Accessible Teaching and Learning: A General Approach for Teaching in any Discipline
  4. E. Maxwell Davis, Department of Human Development
    Reflection on the Group Process for CBR Proposal for HDEV 3203
  5. Dale Katherine Ireland, Department of English
    Access Assignment
  6. Becky Beal, Department of Kinesiology
    Students as agents in the creation of knowledge: Incorporating voice and ownership through art-based projects
  7. Gr Keer, Senior Assistant Librarian
    Information Literacy, Social Justice & Community Engagement
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