Freshman Learning Communities

Begin your college experience with other students who share your interests and career objectives. The Freshman Learning Communities program allows freshmen to select a subject area of clustered courses, along with peers who have similar interests. The Freshman Learning Community program offers guaranteed courses you need to meet major prerequisites and graduation requirements.

Courses are grouped thematically in the Humanities, Natural Sciences, or Social Sciences.This innovative program helps students to:

  • earn higher GPAs,
  • develop superior writing and communication skills, and
  • graduate reliably in four years.

A National Model

Recent studies by the Lumina Foundation and Syracuse University have recognized Cal State East Bay Freshman Learning Communities as a national model.
Detailed descriptions of Freshman Learning Community themes and prerequisite requirements are available at Orientation and at the General Education Office. Themes offered include:

  • Atoms are Everything
  • Beats, Physics and the Mind
  • Biology of Humans
  • Bodies at Play
  • Creativity and Social Change: Rebels, Outlaws and Visionaries
  • Diversity of Life
  • Earth Crisis!
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Healthier Living I
  • Healthier Living II (Offered at Concord)
  • Healthier Living III
  • How Things Work
  • Keeping It Real: The Arts and Pop Culture
  • Language and Culture
  • Molecules, Energy and Living Things
  • Spirituality Meets the Creative Spirit
  • Sports in our World
  • Structure, Expression and Meaning in Music
  • The Ancient World
  • Thinking Globally
  • Viewing Diversity
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