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President's Message

President' Morishita

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,  

Beginning in Fall 2014, Cal State East Bay began the process of converting, along with three other CSU campuses, from the quarter to semester system. The benefits of this transition are very clear, especially in supporting our student success initiatives and strategic priorities. The semester system allows for more in-depth projects, richer learning experiences, closer relationships between faculty and students, and more time to understand the knowledge being conveyed and apply it. The semester calendar also better aligns us with other colleges and universities, in particular the 109 California community colleges on semesters.  This will enable students to transfer course credits more easily and apply them toward degree completion.

While the transition will be challenging, semester conversion is a critical strategic priority, and we are supported in our efforts by the Chancellor’s office, which has allotted funding that covers much of the associated costs. More important, however, is that this process provides a unique opportunity to examine the entire curriculum of the University. Our Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) state clearly what we expect our graduating students to have achieved in preparation for meaningful lifework. At the end of the conversion, how our ILOs are realized across all disciplines will be equally clear — a vital component of creating graduates who understand the importance of ongoing, lifelong learning. 

An essential goal of the conversion is for this process to have minimal impact on our students and their academic progress. Fortunately, we have the experiences of other CSUs and other universities across the country to draw upon, which will be instructive as well as help defray unnecessary costs. Our highest priority will be improved learning and the continuing success of our students.  Conversion to semesters will require the engagement and dedication of our entire educational community, and we are well positioned to meet the demands of this transformative time in Cal State East Bay history. 

Leroy M. Morishita

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