Graphic Identity Elements

The University's seal, logo, and signature mark are the primary visual symbols of California State University, East Bay. They express our pride, regional heritage, quality, and standing, as well as distinguish our institution and mission from those of other colleges and universities. The University relies on the consistent use of these brand components to communicate and reinforce its identify and to position itself effectively and strategically. This style guide sets forth graphic standards — usage rules and policies — designed to achieve these objectives by governing use of its graphic identity, or brand, elements, while also setting corollary standards for typography, format, and color usage.

SealThe University seal is the core identifying component of California State University, East Bay's visual brand identity. The seal communicates the University's academic stature, authority, and regional heritage. It is a traditional and formal expression of our identity.


LogoThe University logo is a secondary component of the University's brand identity system. It is a wordmark-based graphic designed to display the institution's full name in a stylized and unified graphic that is a less formal and more contemporary expression of the University's identity than the seal.


Signature MarkThe signature mark is the primary and most commonly used component of the University's visual identity system. It combines the seal and logo in two fixed configurations, one vertical ("portrait") and the other horizontal ("landscape").

CSUEB Signature Mark

Athletics Mascot — “The Pioneers” is the official mascot name of the intercollegiate athletic program at California State University, East Bay and should only be used in connection with related events. The former graphic expression of this mascot, “Pioneer Pete” is no longer an official, accepted symbol or expression of The Pioneers and the Pioneer spirit. Obsolete athletics mascot symbols such as this should never be used. A new graphic identity for The Pioneers is under development.

The Bay Script"The Bay" is an informal nickname for California State University, East Bay and expresses its distinctive regional connection and association. It is appropriate for use on logo-wear and also in student and enrollment development/marketing publications when used to communicate campus life or the University as a destination campus.

The Bay Script

ColorPrimary and secondary color palettes for use in designing and producing University print and electronic publications further reinforce the University’s brand, give coherence to, and increase recognition of the many publications and communications produced by the University.

CSUEB Colors

Typeface — Adobe Garamond Pro, a classic serif font used for body copy and Myriad Pro, contemporary sans-serif font used for headline and headings, together produce a distinctive look that is flexible and legible enough to work across all media. Use of these fonts is recommended in the production of University communications and publications. These OpenType fonts are compatible with both PC and Macintosh platforms and may be purchased directly from Adobe. Commonly available fonts installed on most University PCs that may be substituted are Times New Roman, for body copy, and Myriad or Arial, for headlines.

CSUEB Typeface Families

Format — Standardized formats and dimensions also give coherence to the many publications produced by the University and provide ease of design, printing, handling, and mailing. Contact the Office of University Communications Design and Publications Department for information and access to standardized formats and templates.

CSUEB Publication Formats
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