University Brand Style Guide


The images and words we use to depict and describe our institution together comprise our brand. The consistent use and thoughtful expression of the University’s brand in every form of institutional communication helps reinforce awareness of California State University, East Bay, increase the University’s visibility, promote its academic reputation, and build affinity. Thus, a clear, cohesive, and comprehensive brand identity system and program for CSUEB is an essential tool and asset in our efforts to advance the University and its interests among our many constituencies.

This guide is designed for California State University, East Bay employees, students, friends, contractors, and vendors — including designers, writers, printers, and Web developers — whose activities, responsibilities, and work involves communicating on behalf of, or expressing the image and identity of the University. The purpose is to guide these essential activities, providing the standards and direction required to ensure an effective, appropriate, and cohesive visual identity and editorial image across all University communications, including print and electronic publications, business forms, and emblematic items, as well as Web sites and multimedia.

We encourage you to become familiar with the guide and use it in planning your publications, communications, and branding projects. The Office of University Communications administers these guidelines and can provide you with additional information and further assistance. With your cooperation, Cal State East Bay can produce effective communications that also communicate its identity clearly, effectively, and appropriately.

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