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The University has had five official names since it was chartered in 1957. Its original name was The State College for Alameda County (informally referred to as “Alameda State College.”) In 1960, its name was formally changed to Alameda County State College. In 1963, the name was again changed to California State College at Hayward, and in 1972 to California State University, Hayward. These changes reflected the University’s growth and evolution as part of The California State University system. On January 26, 2005, the Board of Trustees of The California State University changed the institution’s name to its current designation, California State University, East Bay. This change was intended to acknowledge the University’s regional heritage, to reflect and reinforce its core mission, and to position the institution for growth and an expanded regional stewardship role.

References to University Name

First Reference

California State University, East Bay is the institution’s official, formal name and should always be used as the first reference in all communications, documents, and publications — whether in print, on the Web, in electronic media, or in speech.

Secondary References

The accepted short-form name and informal reference is Cal State East Bay. The appropriate acronym for the University is CSUEB (all capitalized with no spaces or periods). Depending upon the nature of the communication, publication, or reference, either Cal State East Bay or CSUEB may be used as secondary or subsequent references.

Non-Preferred Reference

CSU East Bay is an acceptable but non-preferred reference that should be limited to functional applications such as lists of CSU campuses, e-mail addresses, forms, and reports, but generally avoided in marketing and promotional applications.

Erroneous References

References to Cal State University East Bay or East Bay State are erroneous and should never be used.

References in Speech

When conducting business on behalf of the University or representing it in conversation or speech, erroneous references such as Cal State University East Bay or Cal State EB should be avoided assiduously. And while it is appropriate in casual or informal conversation among those familiar with the University to refer to the institution using the secondary references, the full formal name should be used first in speeches and presentations.

University Name Displayed in Print

When displaying the full formal University name in print, a comma must always follow the word “University” and not the words “East Bay.” The institutional name should be displayed in a single line. When a single-line display is not feasible, the name may be displayed, stacked on two lines, but not on three or more.

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