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Either the University logo or the signature mark must appear as a primary institutional identifier on all printed and electronic University communications, including University Web pages, as well as all printed materials that represent the academic, administrative, and auxiliary units of the University. This includes publications such as brochures, catalogs, and newsletters, on which either the logo or the signature mark should be displayed on the front and/or back covers; business forms such as stationery and business cards; and flyers and advertisements, on which the logo or signature mark may be displayed either at the top or bottom of the layout.

Logo and Signature Mark Placement Sample

The signature mark is the preferred brand identifier for communications that are designed for or may reach broad University audiences.

Signature Mark Sample

The seal may be used alone on formal and official documents, such as diplomas, resolutions, and formal invitations from the president’s office. Use only one seal on any one surface of your layout, and never combine or display the seal with the signature mark on the same page or surface. It is permissible, however, to use the seal on the cover of a formal communication, such as the invitation to a University event, with the logo (but not the signature mark) on the back cover. The exception to this seal usage rule is when the seal is blind-embossed (no color) or reproduced in gray, in which application it would be permissible to print the logo —but not the signature mark — on the same page or surface. In general, all three CSUEB identity elements should not be used in the same document.

Logo, Signature Mark, and Seal Placement Sample

The seal, logo, signature mark, and The Bay Script may not be altered in any way, nor should they or the typefaces and proportions of the words and letters they comprise be redrawn, reproportioned, or modified in any way. The seal, logo, and signature mark should always be reproduced from approved electronic files. They should never be scanned or reproduced from previously printed materials, as this process reduces overall reproduction quality. Downloadable digital copies of the seal, logo, and signature mark, together with usage details are available in the following sections of this guide:

Do not modify University identity marks by combining them with other words or elements that intrude upon the clear space reservation requirement.

University Signature Mark Usage Samples

Never stretch or unevenly increase or decrease the size of a University identity mark, changing its established proportions in any way.

Misuse of University Identity Mark

Never use obsolete University seals and logos or attempt to modify them for current use.

Use of Obsolete Logo Use of Obsolete Logo
Use of Obsolete Logo Use of Interim University Mark

The seal, logo, and signature mark are trademarks of the California State University, East Bay, and their use for commercial or outside noncommercial uses purposes must be officially approved and licensed by the University’s licensing agent, the Office of University Communications. This office also administers these guidelines and can provide you with additional information and further assistance.

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