Admission Appeal Procedure

Undergraduate Students Appealing Admission Denial or Cancellation

All admission decisions are explained in MyCSUEB. Students who fail to meet admission requirements resulting in an admission denial, students who have their admission revoked for not fulfilling the Terms and Conditions of Admission, or students canceled for failing to meet a deadline, have the right to petition for reconsideration. Only students with new and compelling information indicating they meet the admission criteria, or those who can demonstrate an extreme personal situation with supporting documentation, are considered. Requests for reconsideration must be received by emailing within 15 days of receipt of the denial letter with their full name, NetID, and the statement of their petition.

Graduate Students Appealing Admission Denial

Applicants to graduate programs who have been denied admission should first contact their academic program or department directly if they wish to inquire as to the basis for the original decision or to request reconsideration.

Graduate students who wish to appeal an admission denial from a graduate program at the university level after they have requested reconsideration from the graduate program should submit their appeal by sending an e-mail to with their full name, NetID, and the statement of your petition. Graduate denial appeals will be considered only in terms of fair implementation of university and program admission policies. The graduate program is solely responsible for evaluating the admissibility of applicants to its program.

Students Petitioning to Submit a Late Application

Application filing periods are posted online at Students interested in applying after published deadlines may email  and request a late application code.