Application Fee and Terms

Application Fee

The Cal State East Bay application fee is $70 and is nonrefundable.

All students pay the application fee unless qualified for the fee waiver during the application process. 

Please note, if applying to a future term, any past due application fees are still required and must be paid prior to enrollment in classes.

Fee Waivers for Undergraduate Students

In case of financial hardship, you may be eligible for an application fee waiver if you are a California resident applying to an undergraduate degree program. When submitting your admission application using Cal State Apply, a fee waiver request is included as part of the application process. You will be notified at the time you apply online if you qualify for the fee waiver.

Fee Waivers for Graduate Students

Fee waivers are not available for graduate applicants.

Application Term Update

Cal State East Bay's undergraduate and graduate application for admission applies only to the semester indicated on the application form at the time of submission. We do not defer terms of entry.  Your offer of admission will be canceled if you do not enroll in classes in that designated semester, and you will need to reapply for a future semester including a new Cal State Apply application form and application fee.  The application fee is nonrefundable 

If you would like to update the semester on your in-progress application for that academic year, simply log back into your saved application stored in Cal State Apply, update your desired semester, confirm your address and previously attended institutions are still current, and submit the form with your application fee online.