Crime Prevention Tips

The University Police Department (UPD) is a Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (C.O.P.P.S) agency.

We believe in fostering partnerships with members of the University community to identify, prioritize and respond to issues that impact our campus, both negatively and positively. We know that with the support of the community, we are a much more effective law enforcement agency. Therefore, we encourage the community's increased support and collaboration in keeping our campus safe! Each member of our community can further assist UPD by recognizing and practicing the following crime prevention tips:

Offices/Work Space

  • Always lock your office door when you leave--even for a restroom break.
  • Take your valuables with you. Do not leave them in your office or at your work space (For example, while doing research in the Library)
  • Reduce the amount of cash and credit cards you carry with you.

Key Control

  • Do not leave you keys lying about.
  • Keep a record of all keys issued. Master keys and extra duplicates should be locked away for safekeeping. When a particular key is needed, everyone must sign for its use.
  • Have all keys stamped with the words "Do Not Duplicate."
  • If you've been burglarized, do not walk into or disturb the crime scene area. Call UPD immediately. The chances of apprehending the burglar are greatly increased if the scene is left completely intact. Assist responding officers by providing information regarding all missing items, including a prerecorded list of serial numbers.

What is Operation Identification?

Operation ID is a campus property identification program. Operation ID involves the marking of valuable property with an identifying number as a means of discouraging burglary and theft. This number also helps law enforcement agencies identify your property should it be lost or stolen.

What Identification Numbers Should I Use?

Mark your valuables by inscribing your driver's license number and state identifier (CA for California). If you do not drive, mark your valuables by engraving your California Identification Card number, which can be obtained from the State Department of Motor Vehicles. Do not use your Social Security number.

What Property Should I Engrave?

All items that might be attractive to a thief, such as computers, scanners, radios, televisions, camera equipment, stereos, small appliances, tools and sports equipment, should be marked


Another option to uniquely identify your property are DataDots. Each the size of a grain of sand, DataDots are laser-etched with unique serial numbers. Once you apply the DataDots to your property, you can register the serial numbers online. If your property is stolen, law enforcement officers can locate the DataDots using a special black light and magnifier. Kits containing several hundred DataDots are available in the bookstore.


Always lock your locker-- make sure your lock is durable.

A good key lock instead of a combination lock is a better safeguard for your property. The lock should have a rugged, laminated case and a 3/8" shackle that resists being smashed. It's crime prevention "plus" if you get a lock that will not release the key until the lock is locked. And give it an extra tug just to make sure it's closed.

Vehicle Security

  • Lock your vehicle.
  • Do not leave items in plain view.
  • Anti-theft devices such as the "Club" and car alarms may deter a thief from burglarizing or stealing your vehicle.
  • Do not hide spare keys under your car.
  • Record the serial number on your car stereo equipment. Keep the record in a safe place.

You may obtain further crime prevention tips and information by visiting UPD.

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