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Special Arrangements

IELTS LogoSpecial Arrangements can be made for test takers with long-term disabilities (i.e. sight or hearing impairment, learning disability, speech impediment) or short-term difficulties (i.e. a broken arm). The following additional application requirements must be met to receive special arrangements to your IELTS test.

Application Deadline

Administrative Arrangements: If you require administrative arrangements, you must submit your application and medical evidence of your disability at least six (6) weeks before the test date.

Modified test material: If you require modified test materials, you must submit your application and medical evidence of your disability at least three (3) months before the test date.

Medical Evidence

Applications for Special Arrangements must be supported by medical evidence. Medical evidence must meet the following criteria:

  • An original document on headed paper, bearing the name, qualifications, and signature of a recognized practitioner.
  • The document must give a clear statement of the disability.
  • The document should make it clear how the disability justifies Special Arrangements.

If you are applying for Special Arrangements due to a Specific Learning Disability, the following additional criteria must be met:

  • The medical evidence must be in the form of a report that was prepared no more than two years before the test date.
  • The report must include the degree of the disability.
  • The report must include assurance that results were obtained through appropriate and recognized tests.
  • The report must be prepared by a fully qualified educational, clinical, or chartered psychologist.

Please contact with any questions you have about special arrangements before you submit your application.

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