COVID-19 Information for Faculty

Frequently Asked Questions

Only residence halls and Pioneer Kitchen (the Dining Commons) will remain open. 

The ITS Service Desk will have modified operations but will remain open. Continue to contact the Service Desk in the following manner:

Self Service:
Phone:  510-885-HELP(4357)  Please leave voicemail

The hours for this week will remain the same, but is subject to change:

Mon-Thur 8:00am-9:30pm, Fri 8:00am-4:30pm 

The Faculty and Staff Technology Lounge located in LI 2500 will be CLOSED until further notice.

Faculty Support: 

Student Support:


24x7 Technical Support for Faculty & Students

Phone: 1-855-414-9911 

Live Online Help: Live Chat

  • This service is provided by Blackboard Inc. and BB will provide all the basic support related to Blackboard, technology, tools, and escalate any unresolved tickets or requests to CSUEB Office of the Online Campus for further assistance.
  • There may be extended wait times and the possibility of delayed responses. Please be patient and wait on the line or email and someone will email you back within 24 hours during weekday. 

Zoom & Blackboard Collaborate


To activate your CSUEB Zoom account and to access the Zoom settings dashboard you will need to login at: 

  • For steps on how to get started with Zoom, read this article.
  • For steps on how to create break out rooms, read Zoom's Help Center article.
  • For steps on how to add alternative hosts, read Zoom's Help Center article.
  • For additional video tutorials, read Zoom's Help Center articles.
  • For best practices using Zoom, read this one-page article.

Other Zoom Resources

  • All courses have a "Video Conferencing" link setup on the course menu.
  • For steps on how to use Zoom via Blackboard, watch this quick video.
  • For steps on how to use Zoom Mobile, read this article.

Blackboard Collaborate

Collaborate is an alternative tool to Zoom Video Conference.

  • For steps on how to get started with Blackboard Collaborate, read this article.
  • For additional support using Collaborate, read Blackboard Help Center articles.

First, dial 510-885-7222

Dial *86# then enter (6-15 digit password)

  • To Change extended away greeting- Press 4
  • Record New greeting- press 3
  • Go back- press *
  • To repeat- press #

More complete information about voice mail is online

International travel is prohibited until further notice. If you already made an outlay for registration, you will be reimbursed if that is necessary.  You should check with your airline or travel agent to see if you can get credit for any flights booked.  Many airlines are being liberal in this regard.

For international travel after May 31, please submit your forms 60 days in advance to your Dean's office.   We do not yet know when International Travel will resume.  Please do not pay in advance for registration, airfare, or hotel for international travel; wait until it has been approved.

Stateside travel should also be curtailed.  Non-essential travel (even to give a speech, appear on a panel, or present a poster) is discouraged. Please ask your conference if you can zoom in or attend in some other way.

Many on-campus "meetings" have been moved to Zoom conferencing or phone conferencing. The Academic Senate, for example, is conducting all of its "meetings" via Zoom. Pleases check with your department, committee, task-force or colleagues to see how they are moving forward while off-campus.

While under the "shelter-in-place" order from Alameda and Contra Costa counties, all campus events have been cancelled. 

Please contact the library for their online resources.

Blackboard is accessible through mobile devices. Individuals should test other tools (zoom, respondus, etc.) before stating that they are completely accessible using cell phones.

Please remember that Roger Wen and the Online Campus Team and Jessica Weiss, in Faculty Development, are available to you to assist with the transition to online teaching or offering alternate assignments. Additional information is available in the Instructional Continuity FAQ.

If your students have been relying on the library for textbooks, they may wish to consult:

which contains a list of those textbooks the library makes available online.

Reference Librarians will be available through CHAT REF on the Library homepage, through Zoom, should you need to consult them.

Tutoring will be offered through ZOOM and through tools like e-tutoring, which are available 24x7.

The Math Lab is also offering online support for Math 115 this summer:

Please contact H.R. 885-3634, we have an Employee Assistance Program that may be able to help.

Yes. Please consult your instructor for further information. 

Shuttle service to the Hayward & Castro Valley BART stations has been suspended until further notice beginning Monday, March 30, 2020. The University Village/Campus Loop shuttle will continue to run Monday-Friday at this time.

AC Transit will still provide service to the campus and the Hayward BART Station. AC Transit is currently NOT charging a fare to ride their buses, until further notice. For further information from AC Transit, including the schedule for Line 60 which services the Hayward Campus, click here.

For FAQ updates, please email