COVID-19 related Human Resources Information

If you get sick

Sick time and sick call-outs are to proceed as per normal operating procedures for your area of work. Please contact your department/manager in the approved format to request sick time if needed. 

If you are directed to leave campus by your manager, and you cannot telework, this form must be completed and sent to HR.

You are not required to get COVID-19 testing to return to work. You must, however, comply with the university's policy to stay home for 24 hours after symptoms have resolved and no medications have been used, before returning to campus.

If you do receive testing for COVID-19, and are found to be positive, please see protocol below and do not return to campus. 

If you have a chronic medical illness

The CDC has released a list of diagnosis/medical issues within the grouping of chronic medical illness, where extra precautions are warranted. If you believe that you cannot return to campus because of your medical condition, please contact the Leaves Specialist in HR/Payroll at:

Paperwork does not have to be given to your MPP supervisor regarding your health condition.

If you live with someone who is in the vulnerable populations group

We understand that there may be additional concerns regarding persons in your intimate living spaces, however employees are required to return to campus as per the campus repopulation plan and instructions received by acting managers. 

If you live with someone who is diagnosed with COVID-19: Please do not report to campus. Leave will be approved by HR with completion of this form. Proof of confirmed positive status may be requested. No paperwork containing medical information should be provided to any supervisor or manager. 

What if I have COVID-19?

For persons with a confirmed positive COVID-19 infection, leave is approved by HR, and this form must be completed. Please also fill out this form to inform Risk Management. PLEASE DO NOT REPORT TO CAMPUS. You may be asked to provide documentation of confirmed positive status, this information would be received by HR staff only. 

You may return to campus after receiving a diagnosis of COVID-19, when you have self-isolated for a minimum of 14 days and received a note of clearance from a board-certified medical provider.

Coronavirus Paid Administrative Leave (CPAL)

This leave is provided by the California State University for up to 256 hours for full time staff, and is available for use until December 31, 2020 for the following reasons:

  • You are sick with COVID-19 (confirmed positive)
  • You are taking care of a family member with COVID-19 (confirmed positive)
  • COVID-19 related child care/school closures or changes preclude you from working and teleworking is not feasible
  • A healthcare provider has recommended you not return to work (proof may be requested)
  • A manager has directed you to not to return to campus, and teleworking is not feasible

The CPAL form must be completed and submitted to HR, either by AdobeSign or PDF. A HR representative may reach out to you. 

Vacation time

Vacation time can be used as per normal operating procedures. Make sure to comply with your department's standards for requesting and receiving notice that your vacation time is approved before confirming plans.

The impact of COVID-19 is continually fluid, and the university will post information about campus repopulation and other resources on this website. If you have questions or comments that would improve this site, please submit them through this online form.