Protective and Disinfecting Supplies

A woman wearing a face mask walks down the street

The following guidelines and resources are available for managers to assist with clean and safe workspaces.  

Plexiglass shields

As part of this process, the university identified key locations for plexiglass shields to be installed across campus to help maintain social distance and physical separation. As part of their department workspace assessments, managers also identified plexiglass shields needs for their areas. If you believe your workspace requires plexiglass shields or additional shields, please complete the plexiglass shield request form and read the plexiglass installation guidelines.

Face coverings and gloves

In accordance with public health orders and university policy, all personnel, including students, visitors and contractors are required to wear face covering when on campus. All personnel are expected to bring face coverings. The Environmental Health and Safety office (under Risk Management) has cloth face coverings available for employees. They’re located in SA 1600.

For gloves and face covering requests, please contact


The university will provide hand sanitizer and disinfectant aerosols/wipes; however, there are limited supplies and we ask that you please be judicious when using these supplies. Please wash your hands regularly to avoid using supplies. Please complete the disinfectant supplies request form and Shipping and Receiving will respond to your request.

Floor Decals

As managers assess their workspaces, they can request indoor floor decals that adhere to carpet. If your space requires floor decals indicating "Stand Here" or "Stay 6 ft Apart," please submit through the Facilities request form.

Other resources for managers

The impact of COVID-19 is continually fluid, and the university will post information about campus repopulation and other resources on this website. If you have questions or comments that would improve this site, please submit them through this online form.