For CSR Scholars

Important Announcement

ALL Spring workshops will be held virtually over zoom.

CSR Workshops

2022-23 CSR Workshops

All workshops will be on Tuesdays from 6pm-7pm via zoom only. Our Student Panel events will be held via Zoom, only. In order to get tuition support for attendance to a workshop you must have submitted an RSVP for that workshop.

Scholars may edit their RSVPs up until the night before the event they'd like to attend/cancel. For example, if you'd like to attend or cancel your attendance to our "Time/Stress Management" workshop on October 25th, you must do so no later than October 24th. 

Find the Zoom links to these events in the Workshops GCal link that was sent out at the beginning of the semester.

Our workshops are exclusively for CSR Scholars.

Scholars are expected to be on time for each workshop they attend.

10/11/22 “How to Prepare for a Successful Year" by Dr. Jenny O 

10/18/22 “CSR Student Panel #1” by Hamed Jalala and Aa'ishah Riaz (via Zoom only)

10/25/22 “Time/Stress Management” by Dr. Jenny O 

11/1/22 “CSR Student Panel #2” by Sandra Torres and Christy Thies (via Zoom only)

11/8/22 "CSR Faculty Panel #1" by Drs. Jennifer Sherwood (Dept. of Kinesiology), Stephanie Zaleski (Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry), and James Murray (Dept. of Biological Sciences)

11/15/22 “CSR Student Panel #3” by Namrata Dhungana and Savannah Tran (via Zoom only)

2/14/23 "Is Grad School Right for Me?" by Dr. Jenny O

2/21/23 "CSR Student Panel #4" by Alexandria Tollast and Gregory Mwamba (via Zoom only)

2/28/23  "CSR Faculty Panel #2" by Drs. Michelle Gravier (Dept. of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences) & Divya Sitaraman (Dept. of Psychology)

3/7/23  "CSR Student Panel #5" by Destiny Mendoza and Natisha Prasad (via Zoom only)

3/14/23 "Personal Statement/CV Tips and Tricks" by Dr. Ram Kandasamy (CSR Faculty Fellow)

3/21/23 "CSR Student Panel #6" by Sepehr Khosravi and CSR Alumna Amy Marshall (via Zoom only)


Program Requirements Document

ALL CSR Scholars are expected to meet the requirements listed in the CSR Program Requirements document. Please note there are certain requirements for each scholar level - pay attention only to the requirements that are associated with your level.

Travel and Supply Grants Closed

We are no longer accepting Travel and Supply Grants for this school year.

Travel Grants (TG)

Please read the travel grant instructions linked below and use the Travel Grant Google form linked below to submit for funding. View the Travel Grant instructions in full-screen mode to access the embedded links. 

Supply Grants (SG)

Please read the supply grant instructions linked below and use the Supply Grant Google form linked below to submit for funding. View the Supply Grant instructions in full-screen mode to access the embedded links.

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