Instructions for Faculty


Cascade is a content management system that allows editing of your profile. Faculty Profiles are only created upon request by either the faculty member or the department. To request a new Faculty Profile, please open a Service Desk Ticket. Faculty are responsible for keeping their profiles up-to-date. Once your profile shell is created you may use this tutorial to update your profile.

NOTE: Faculty will only have access to edit their own profile.


  • Login to the Cascade to access your account
  • Navigate to your Faculty Profile
  • Update your Faculty Profile information
  • Upload your Faculty Vitae
  • Upload your Faculty Profile image
  • Publish your Faculty Profile


  1. Login to Cascade
  2. Login with your NetID and Password
Login Prompt

Navigate to your Faculty Profile

    1. In the My Content section, under the Starred tab, select your profile page.

Select Starred Profile

  1. To edit your Faculty Profile, select the Edit tab.

    Edit Button

Update the Faculty Profile Information

  1. The Red Stars represent the required fields. Make sure all the required fields are correct.
    Note: There will not be an option to input your courses as they are automatically populated.

    Faculty Information Prompts

To Upload your Curriculum Vitae

Note: You must have an electronic version of your Curriculum Vitae in PDF or Word format to complete this step.

  1. To upload your Vitae, select Choose File.

    Choose File
  1. In the right navigation window, select the Upload tab

    Upload Tab

  1. Drag and drop your Vitae in the box select choose to browse for it on your local machine.
  2. To select a placement folder for you Vitae, select profile.

    Select Profile

  1. Scroll to the bottom and select the last page
  2. Select the vitae folder

    Vitae Folder

  3. Select your department's folder

    Department Folders

  4. Select Choose in the top right hand corner

    Choose Button

  5. The vitae has successfully been added.

To Upload your Faculty Image

Note: Photos uploaded to the faculty profile pages must comply with local, state, and federal statutes, including but not limited to laws concerning decency, privacy, and copyright. Only portraits of faculty members will be accepted – logos, icons, avatars, and graphics are not acceptable.
Note: The profile image size should be 147w by 197h pixels.

  1. Select the Choose File button next to Profile Image

    Choose File

  2. Select the Upload Link
  3. Drag and drop you image in the box or
  4. Select choose to browse for the image on your local computer

    Browse Your System

  5. Select the Browse > to the right of the profiles directory:


  6. Select files folder, (select the Browse > not the radio button)
  7. Select the image folder, (select the Browse > not the radio button)
  8. Select your department's folder, (yes, radio button this time)
    note: unless you are uploading to CSUEB / directory / profiles / files / images / [your dept] as seen in the screenshot below, your profile image will not work!
  9. Select Choose in the upper right-hand corner  

    Choose Department

Publish your Faculty Profile

  1. Select Preview Draft

    Preview Draft

  2. After previewing what the page will look like, select Submit

    Select Submit

  3. Enter comments for changes made
  4. Select Check Content & Submit.

    Enter Comments

  5. After previewing what the page will look like, select Publish

    Select Publish

  6. The default settings should have everything checked
  7. Select Submit

    Publish Options

Congratulations! You have successfully updated and published your faculty profile!