The Cal State East Bay community has begun its Future Directions initiative to reaffirm our values and identify innovative solutions to take the university to a new era. 

Dates may be subject to adjustment. 

September 22-23: First Town Halls (Complete) 

  • The university held inaugural Town Halls and conversation about our Future Directions, moderated by John Welty, Ph.D., Senior Associate at American Association of State Colleges (AASCU) Consulting and Universities and President Emeritus, Fresno State. 

September 24-October 15 (Complete)

  • The Future Directions committee reviews Town Hall Feedback and drafts Values, Vision and Mission recommendations to share with President Sandeen and then the Cal State East Bay community.

Week of October 18: Second Town Halls (Complete)

  • The University community will provide feedback on draft Values, Vision and Mission statements at Town Hall sessions; external stakeholders will be asked for reactions through an online survey.
  • Following the Town Hall sessions, the Future Directions committee will consider feedback on Values, Vision and Mission statements, and indentify goal categories.
  • Following goal identification, participants will be selected for Goal Task Forces. 

Beginning the Week of December 1 (In progress)

  • Goal Task Forces will convene to receive their charge of tasks and will begin work on goal statements and desired outcomes.  

February 17: Third Town Halls 

  • The Future Directions committee will present and receives feedback on goals and desired outcomes at Town Halls. 
  • External stakeholders will submit their feedback on goals and desired outcomes through an online survey. 
  • Workshops will be conducted for each Task Force to develop one to three high-level institutional strategies for each goal statement. 

March 2022

  • The Future Directions committee finalizes goals and desired outcomes. 
  • Task Forces present Revised Strategies to FDC for endorsement.
  • Task Forces will present preliminary strategies to the Future Directions committee, which will in turn share them with President Sandeen.

April 2022 

  • The Future Directions committee recommends the final plan to President Sandeen. Upon approval, President Sandeen will share it with the Cal State East Bay community.