GE Assessment Schedule

GE Assessment Areas

GE pyramid model

There are two main “buckets” of lower-division GE which include all but three required GE areas: (1) the essential skills (also identified as WASC core competencies) which form the foundation for the program, and (2) the disciplinary breadth of knowledge areas which reinforce essential skills. Upper-division GE courses provide capstone experiences for GE by expressly integrating and emphasizing the essential skills within each of three disciplinary areas.

GE Assessment Schedule

GE learning outcomes are aligned with WASC core competencies and CSUEB’s ILOs.  In compliance with the Senate-approved ILO Assessment Plan (14-15 CAPR 14) and the Proposed Assessment Framework (17-18 CAPR 7), GE assessment will be synchronized as closely as possible and coordinated with ILO assessment.  GE outcomes assessment will occur on an on-going, iterative basis on a proposed long-term schedule (see below). 

In synch with ILO assessment of written communication for AY 2018-29, GE assessment has launched with rubric development and key assignment alignment for Area A2 first-year composition as well as second composition courses and the collection of student work during AY 2018-19.  In addition, assessment tools will be developed for Area B4 courses during AY 2018-19 for pilot assessment during 2019-20, in synch with ILO assessment of quantitative reasoning scheduled for that same year.

GE assessment schedule graphic

Oversight of GE Assessment

According to the Proposed Assessment Framework from CAPR (17-18 CAPR 7), GE assessment will be performed by a GE Assessment Committee, a subcommittee of CAPR.  The GE Assessment Committee will oversee the collection and analyses of student work from designated GE courses and the dissemination of student data as detailed in the assessment steps and descriptions (Table 1).   In collaboration with the Director of General Education, the Assessment Committee will assist programs in the assessment process, e.g., developing and refining key assignments or helping to identify appropriate assessment tools.  

16-17 CAPR 5 Academic Review Procedures  will be amended in order for the academic programs’ annual and five-year disciplinary assessment reports to address relevant GE assessment results and resulting actions (i.e., “closing the loop” decisions).