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The Hands-On Science Teaching Labs are designed to give undergraduate students direct experience teaching science by acting as "Science Guides" to visiting elementary and middle school students. Structured as a 1-unit course, Cal State East Bay students are given the opportunity to relearn fundamental science concepts in a lecture setting, followed by facilitation of hands-on demonstrations with school-age students from around the Bay Area in a full lab setting. Foundational science concepts are demonstrated in fun, engaging activities that promote students’ scientific thinking around inquiry-based lesson plans. HOST Labs supplies local elementary and middle school students with supplementary science education while also providing Cal State East Bay Science Guides the opportunity to explore teaching as a possible career path.

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Be A Science Guide

HOST Labs are designed with CSUEB students in mind. Science Guides get the opportunity to not only learn more about fundamental science, but also get a chance to explore a career in teaching! No background in STEM is required! This course offers hands-on experience working with youth and in project-based teaching experiences. Sign up for a fun, engaging, and educational class today!

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Teachers across the Bay Area are invited to attend a HOST Lab for this upcoming term! HOST Labs supports grade levels 4-8 and offers an ever-changing menu of subject areas ranging from: geology, physics, biology, and chemistry. Help your students understand the basics of rock formation, water cycles, and astronomical phenomenon through fun, interactive activities led by CSUEB Student Science Guides.