Frequently Asked Questions

Application, Contract, and Initial Payments

  1. What are the steps to get into housing?

The first step is to become an admitted student to the University.

  • Once you are admitted you will be able to log onto our Student Housing portal to activate your application. Activating your application will incur a non-refundable $40 application fee that can be paid online. You are able to save your application and continue at a later time OR finish every step in one sitting.
  • Once you have entered your housing room, meal plan, and payment plan preferences, you will be required to submit a $500 initial payment which may be paid online. This payment is not covered by financial aid and must come out of pocket.
  • After you have paid your $ 500.00 initial payment, you will need to submit your contract. Please note that you cannot submit your contract unless you have paid your initial payment.

We strongly advise you to read our License Agreement prior to starting your application. Continue to check our website for important dates and more information.

  1. Where can I submit my Housing application?

Housing applications are available online through the Student Housing Portal. Log on using your netID and password to activate your application!

  1. Is the $40 Housing application refundable? Is there a fee waiver?

No, the fee is non-refundable. We also do not have fee waivers for the application fee or the initial payment.

  1. What forms of payment does the Housing office accept?

We prefer that you pay your application and initial payment online through the Student Housing Portal using an electronic check or credit card. All other regular housing fees should be paid online through your MyCSUEB or at the Cashier’s office.

  1. Is the first payment a deposit or initial payment?

We call it an initial payment because it’s not a security deposit. It is applied to Fall rent charges. At the end of the academic year when you move out, the initial payment is not refunded.

  1. I completed my application, contract and submitted the appropriate payments, now what?

You should receive an email from Student Housing stating that all of your application and contract steps are completed. It is important to check your horizon email account frequently.

  1. Is housing guaranteed?

We cannot guarantee to a house due to the limited number of spaces we offer.

  1. Can I talk to someone today about my financial aid?

Yes! We will have one of our Resident Account Coordinators available to talk about how Financial Aid works with housing.

  1. Where do I go for general Financial Aid questions?

The front desk in the Student Administration building is where you can find Financial Aid, Admissions, and the Registrar’s Office.

Please contact the Housing office to see if space is available for the upcoming term.

If there are no spaces available at the time of contract completetion, the student will be placed on the paid waiting list. Students who live outside of the following counties (Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and San Joaquin) and complete their housing contract will receive priority based on their contract complete date.

We do anticipate that a number of cancellations will occur between the time of submission and the beginning of the semester, but we cannot guarantee that this will occur.

We will keep you on the waitlist until we are able to provide you with a confirmed space reservation. If you no longer wish to remain on the waiting list, please submit a Request to Cancel Form your full initial payment will be refunded to your student account.

If you would like to explore off-campus accommodations while you are waiting for a space in our Student Housing community, please refer to our Off-Campus page to assist you in your search for housing in the CSUEB area. Please be advised that the University does not endorse, screen, or guarantee availability of any facility.

Housing offers a Financial Aid payment plan for students who are eligible for Financial Aid.

The Financial Aid payment plan is available to a student who has received a CSUEB Offer of Financial Aid sufficient to cover the semester costs of registration and housing.

To apply for financial aid please click here:

If you have any questions regarding your Financial Aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (510) 885-2784, option 2.

  1. How do I choose my roommate?

Using the student housing portal you are able to send a roommate request! Your future roommate will have to go in and approve it. Remember; roommate requests have to be mutual!

  1. As a first-time freshman, can I live in a Single occupancy room?

No. First-time freshmen are allowed to live in the suites only. Suites are double or triple occupancy bedrooms. A suite apartment consists of three or four bedrooms (double or triple occupancy), two bathrooms, a common living area and a kitchenette. There is a total of 6 - 10 first-time freshman per suite.

  1. Are the floors/buildings co-ed? Are apartments/units co-ed?

The building and floors are co-ed and we a limited number of apartments designated as co-ed also. If you select co-ed as one of your housing type preferences, you will be able to select a co-ed apartment based on space availability. If you do NOT select it as a preference, you will not be able to see co-ed spaces during room selection.

Am I required to have a meal plan?

Yes! All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan.

What are the meal plan options for a First Year Freshman?

You have two options, the Red plan, and the Black plan.

  • The Red plan provides 7 days (Mon-Sun) unlimited meals per week in the Pioneer Kitchen plus $175.00 flex dollars per semester.
  • The Black Plan provided 7 days (Mon-Sun) unlimited meals per week in the Pioneer Kitchen plus $325.00 flex dollars per semester.
What are the meal plan options for Transfers?

You have four options, the Pioneer, Red, Black, and Bay plan.

  • The Pioneer plan provides 85 meals per semester to the Dining Commons and $300.00 flex dollars. This is included in your payments and there is no additional fee.
  • The Red plan provides 7 days (Mon- Fri) unlimited meals per week in the Dining Commons plus $175.00 flex dollars per semester. The additional estimated annual cost of $3010.00.
  • The Black Plan provided 7 days (Mon-Sun) unlimited meals per week in the Dining Commons plus $225.00 flex dollars per semester.
  • The Bay plan provides 207 meals (all you care to eat) per semester in the Dining Commons and $500 flex dollars per semester.
Where can I use my flex dollars?

Flex dollars can be used at any campus retail dining venue such as Starbucks, Panda Express, Jamba Juice, Subway, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Greens To Go, Pizza Hut, The Market, and Taco Bell.

How do I load money to my Bay Bucks account?

What do I use Bay Bucks for?

Bay Bucks can be used for vending machines, printing/copying in El Dorado Community Room, Lassen Community Room, library, textbooks purchased at the bookstore and wherever you can spend money on campus!

  1. What if I don’t like my roommate?

We encourage residents to spend some time getting to know their roommate before making a quick decision about them. At the beginning of the academic year, you will have an opportunity to create a roommate contract with your roommate(s). This contract will outline all aspects of your ability to live together successfully. However, if you find that you still cannot live with your roommate, you may speak to your Residence Life Coordinator and they will communicate the room change process to you based on the timing, availability and the administrative fee for moving.

  1. Who cleans the apartments/suites? Is there maid service?

There is no maid service, residents are responsible for cleaning all areas of their apartment/suite. This conversation is best to have the roommate contract so that you and your apartment/suitemates can determine cleaning tasks and responsibilities.

  1. Are cleaning supplies provided?

No, you must provide your own.

  1. Who provides the toilet paper/hand soap?

You provide your own.

  1. Are there communal kitchens that freshmen can use?

No.This is one of the major reasons why all first years are required to have a full meal plan.

  1. Is there a curfew?

There is not a curfew but residents are encouraged to communicate to their roommates so that they are not regularly inconveniencing them by coming in late.

  1. Am I allowed to have an overnight guest?

Yes, you are allowed to have overnight guests that must be pre-approved by your roommates and your Residence Life Coordinator. The overnight guest form can be found on the housing website and at the Student Housing Office located in Lassen Hall. Overnight guest forms must be submitted 72 hours in advance to the Student Housing Office.

  1. How many nights can an overnight guest stay?

Your overnight guest cannot stay past three nights total per semester provided that they are approved.

  1. Is there alcohol permitted in the Residence Halls?

Alcohol is permitted in the residence halls if the resident is of the age of 21. However, no minor is allowed to be present where there is alcohol so it is advised that alcohol is kept in a personal location of the individual that is of age.

  1. Can I apply for the RA position?

First Year students are not allowed to be RAs. However, can apply to be an RA for the next academic year. Applications are typically available in December/January.

  1. What other jobs do you have available in Housing?

We have a variety of student assistant positions available within the SHRL department. More information can be found on the housing website.

  1. How do I apply for a Student Assistant position in Housing?

You can visit Pioneer Jobs for more information about available positions and how to apply.

  1. Will more Residence Halls be built?

We are looking into expanding our complex in the near future.

  1. Is there air conditioning? Heat?

All of our residence halls have heating. University Village is the only building that has air conditioning.

  1. Can freshmen have cars?

Yes! You can purchase a parking permit at the Pioneer Bookstore (In-person or online) or at the Cashier’s Office on the 1st floor of the Student Services Administration building.

  1. Are parking permit prices different for residents?

No, parking permits are standard at $195.00 per semester.

  1. Where can I park my car?

With the standard parking permit, you are able to park in any lot on campus designated for students ( Parking Lot A, C, C1, D, F, G, H, K, N, P and University Village). Parking Lot C and C1 are located at Pioneer Heights.

  1. I do not have a car, is there alternative transportation?

Yes, you can take the CSUEB shuttle or the AC Transit. You can also rent a Zipcar or a bicycle.

  • The CSUEB Shuttle is free with your CSUEB ID card and provides services between CSUEB and the Hayward Bart Station/ Castro Valley.
  • The AC transit cost $2.10 for a single ride or $5.00 for a day pass or $75.00 for a monthly pass. You can take bus 60 from/to CSUEB and Hayward Bart Station.
  • We have five Zipcars on campus. Membership fees are $35.00 annually and rental rates start at $7.50 per hour. You can obtain membership by visiting:
  • We have 10 bicycles on campus and 5 at University Village to get around on and off campus. There is a one-time $15.00 fee to get into the reservation system. The first 3 hours are free then it is $2.00 an hour, up to $10.00 a ride.

Hello Students and Family

Identifying Off-Campus Housing in the East Bay can be challenging and we want to ensure that you have a few resources to help you through the process. Please give yourself ample time—about two to three months to search for Off-Campus Housing. This guide will assist you in your transition off campus and help you understand your rights and responsibilities in the greater community. Browse this great resource to start your search and learn about other off-campus housing information! Remember, you have to be motivated and actively looking when finding Off Campus Housing.

Steps when renting off campus:

  1. Identify if you are looking for a short term rental or long term as pricing can be very different. If looking for shorter term housing you may need to adjust either your price point or the amenities offered.
  2. Read and understand the contract/lease that you are signing.
  3. If choosing to live with someone else ensure that expectations and agreements are made prior to moving in. Use the link below to help in formulating roommate questions when choosing a roommate. Click Here(Link to PDF “Roommate Interview Questions”)
  4. Check the local crime statistics around your ideal rental.
  5. It is your home and you should feel comfortable.

Looking for an apartment?

Nearby Apartments

o    Cadence Apartments: Hayward’s newest apartment homes conveniently located close to BART with an easy commute to campus.

o    Zumper: This is a search engine that can be used to look for local bedrooms/apartment/homes for rent.

o    Zillow: This is a search engine that can be used to look for local apartment/homes for rent.

o    Hotpads: This is a search engine for both furnished and unfurnished apartments.

o    Trulia: Looking for Best Value, Keyword Search, Set Max Commute, or Search Nearby Area:

o    Homesuite: This search engine provides listings of furbished rentals in the Hayward and surrounding areas:


Renting Information

Best Colleges Rental Guide offers rental information for college students.

Looking for a roommate?

Easy Roommate: They provide a service to match potential tenants/roommates with available rooms in apartments.

Looking for short term Housing?

AirBnB: Gives you the flexibility for short and long term rentals.

Extended Stay (Union City, CA) Distance to campus:

Public Transportation – 1 hours 30 minutes and Driving – 13 minutes

Homewood Suites (Newark, CA) – Distance to campus:

Public Transportation – 1 hours 25 minutes and Driving – 22 minutes

Residence Inn and Suite (Pleasanton, CA) – Distance to campus:

Public Transportation – 1 hours 25 minutes and Driving – 19 minutes





If you have specific questions about off-campus housing please contact


Are you planning on visiting the CSUEB Campus? Click here for hotel accomodations in the Hayward and Bay Areas.

Pioneer Heights Residents

Residents will be issued a mailbox number and a combination. This mailbox will be your mailing address for your entire stay in Pioneer Heights. If you change apartments during the year, or from year to year, this mailbox never changes. You will receive your mailbox number and combination at Move In. Your new mailing address will include this mailbox number and all future mail should be addressed as follows:

First Name, Last Name
1901 Harder Road, Box # <your mailbox number>
Hayward, CA 94542

**Please note that, in the mailing address above, the “Box” number is your mailbox number and NOT your room or apartment number!**

Please do not mail items to Pioneer Heights prior to move in. Due to the amount of mail we receive on a daily basis, we are unable to hold packages for future residents. The mailroom will be open during move-in weekend.

University Village Residents

Each apartment will be issued a mailbox and key for mail delivery. You will receive this key at move in. Packages will be delivered directly to your apartment by the delivery department when possible. Packages that cannot be delivered may be picked up at the Villages Office during normal posted times. Your mailing address will be as follows:

25400 Carlos Bee Blvd.
Unit #
Hayward, CA 94542

Please do not mail items to Pioneer Heights prior to move in. Due to the amount of mail we receive on a daily basis, we are unable to hold packages for future residents. The mailroom will be open during move-in weekend.