Human Resources Manager Assignments

CSU, East Bay is devoted to achieving a workforce reflective of the diversity of the State of California. The CSUEB recruitment program supports the goals and objectives of the University through the recruitment, placement, and retention of a diverse, talented, and professional workforce. The University will cultivate a campus that promotes mutual appreciation for the uniqueness of each member of our community. This commitment to diversity enriches and provides an atmosphere wherein all human potential is valued. This commitment will better enable the University to promote a productive and responsible workforce in this global society.

Recruitment and Selection Procedures for Management

Recruitment and Selection Procedures for Staff

HR Assignments by Department Name
Department ID Department Name HR Manager
14654 AAPI Geraldine W Torbik
14900 Acad Advising & Career Educ Geraldine W Torbik
10020 Academic Affairs Kristine A Fagundes
12650 Academic Programs and Services Geraldine W Torbik
12700 Academic Resources & Planning Kristine A Fagundes
12750 Academic Senate Kristine A Fagundes
14750 Accessibility Services Geraldine W Torbik
11400 Accounting & Finance Michelle C Webber
13852 Accounts Payable Michelle C Webber
13756 Accounts Receivable Michelle C Webber
10030 Administration & Finance Edward H Park
12850 Admissions Edward H Park
16000 Advancement Services Kristine A Fagundes
15001 Advocacy Services Geraldine W Torbik
16050 Alumni Relations Kristine A Fagundes
13611 American Language Program(ALP) Stefanie N Broughton
16100 Annual Fund Kristine A Fagundes
10150 Anthropology Kristine A Fagundes
10200 Art Kristine A Fagundes
14431 Athletic Training Stefanie N Broughton
13760 Bay Card Michelle C Webber
12150 Biological Sciences Stefanie N Broughton
13650 Budget Michelle C Webber
10100 CLASS Kristine A Fagundes
14940 Campus Life Geraldine W Torbik
16400 Career Services Kristine A Fagundes
13752 Cashiers and Student Finance Michelle C Webber
13305 Center for Community Engagemnt Stefanie N Broughton
13613 Center for Intl Educ (CIE) Edward H Park
12200 Chemistry & Biochemistry Stefanie N Broughton
14751 College Link Program Geraldine W Torbik
11350 College of Business & Econ Michelle C Webber
11700 College of Educ & Allied Stds Stefanie N Broughton
12100 College of Science Stefanie N Broughton
10700 Communication Kristine A Fagundes
16150 Communications and Marketing Kristine A Fagundes
13890 Compliance & Internal Control Stefanie N Broughton
12352 Computer Science Stefanie N Broughton
12600 Concord Center Stefanie N Broughton
14550 Counseling Services Geraldine W Torbik
10350 Department of Criminal Justice Kristine A Fagundes
16200 Development Kristine A Fagundes
14851 Diversity Center Geraldine W Torbik
13620 Domestic Programs Edward H Park
13755 Donor Funds Fiscal Svcs Michelle C Webber
13870 Duplicating Services Kristine A Fagundes
12250 Earth & Environmental Sciences Stefanie N Broughton
11450 Economics Michelle C Webber
11750 Educational Leadership Stefanie N Broughton
14450 Educational Opportunity Prog Geraldine W Torbik
11800 Educational Psychology Stefanie N Broughton
12220 Engineering Stefanie N Broughton
10400 English Kristine A Fagundes
12870 Enrollment Information Center Edward H Park
12840 Enrollment Services Edward H Park
13660 Enterprise Activities Geraldine W Torbik
14000 Environmental Health & Safety Stefanie N Broughton
14660 Equity and Belonging Geraldine W Torbik
10450 Ethnic Studies Kristine A Fagundes
16250 Events and Donor Relations Kristine A Fagundes
14050 FDO - Business Operations Edward H Park
14300 FDO - Custodial Edward H Park
13940 FDO - Facilities Management Edward H Park
14250 FDO - Grounds Edward H Park
14200 FDO - Maintenance Edward H Park
13950 FDO - Planning Design & Constr Edward H Park
14160 FDO - Sustain,Energy&Utilities Edward H Park
13900 Facilities Develop & Operation Edward H Park
13670 Facilities Reservations Geraldine W Torbik
10025 Faculty Affairs Kristine A Fagundes
13300 Faculty Development Stefanie N Broughton
13210 Faculty Support Grants Stefanie N Broughton
13700 Finance Michelle C Webber
13710 Finance Support Unit Michelle C Webber
13010 Financial Aid Edward H Park
14652 Gaining Access N Acad Success Geraldine W Torbik
13753 General Accounting Michelle C Webber
12670 General Education Geraldine W Torbik
10550 Geography & Environmental Stds Kristine A Fagundes
16300 Govt and Community Relations Stefanie N Broughton
15010 Health and Wellness Svcs Geraldine W Torbik
10600 History Kristine A Fagundes
11900 Hosp, Rec & Tourism Stefanie N Broughton
14950 Housing and Residential Life Geraldine W Torbik
10650 Human Development Kristine A Fagundes
14350 Human Resources Victoria W Morris
15650 ITS Conference/Class Tech Svcs Kristine A Fagundes
15540 ITS Enterprise Info Svcs Kristine A Fagundes
15400 ITS Info Tech Solutions Kristine A Fagundes
15570 ITS Innovations Engineering Kristine A Fagundes
15610 ITS Operations & Innovation Kristine A Fagundes
15620 ITS Security & Infrastructure Kristine A Fagundes
15550 ITS Technology Development Kristine A Fagundes
15560 ITS WEB/Communication Kristine A Fagundes
12920 Imaging Edward H Park
13350 Inst. Effectiveness & Research Kristine A Fagundes
12990 Institute for STEM Education Stefanie N Broughton
14410 Intercollegiate Athletics Stefanie N Broughton
14432 Internal Operations Stefanie N Broughton
13895 Investigations Stefanie N Broughton
11850 Kinesiology Stefanie N Broughton
10016 LEAD California Stefanie N Broughton
11150 Liberal Studies Kristine A Fagundes
13500 Library Geraldine W Torbik
11500 Management Michelle C Webber
11550 Marketing Michelle C Webber
12351 Math Stefanie N Broughton
14411 Men's Baseball Stefanie N Broughton
14412 Men's Basketball Stefanie N Broughton
14413 Men's Cross Country/Track Stefanie N Broughton
14414 Men's Golf Stefanie N Broughton
14415 Men's Soccer Stefanie N Broughton
10500 Modern Languages & Literatures Kristine A Fagundes
10750 Music Kristine A Fagundes
12400 Nursing Stefanie N Broughton
12630 Online Campus Kristine A Fagundes
13630 Osher Life Long Learning(OLLI) Stefanie N Broughton
15100 Parking and Alt Transp Service Edward H Park
13800 Payroll Victoria W Morris
12671 Peer Academic Coaching Program Geraldine W Torbik
10800 Philosophy Kristine A Fagundes
12450 Physics Stefanie N Broughton
10850 Political Science Kristine A Fagundes
10010 President Stefanie N Broughton
13850 Procurement Services Michelle C Webber
14656 Project Rebound Kristine A Fagundes
12500 Psychology Stefanie N Broughton
10900 Public Affairs & Admin Kristine A Fagundes
12300 Public Health Stefanie N Broughton
14970 Recreation and Wellness Geraldine W Torbik
12950 Registrar Edward H Park
14655 Renaissance Scholars Program Geraldine W Torbik
13200 Research & Sponsored Programs Stefanie N Broughton
13880 Risk Mgmt & Internal Control Stefanie N Broughton
12105 STEM Lab Stefanie N Broughton
14653 Sankofa Geraldine W Torbik
13860 Shipping & Receiving Stefanie N Broughton
10960 Social Work Kristine A Fagundes
10950 Sociology Kristine A Fagundes
13640 Special Session Edward H Park
10300 Speech Lang and Hearing Sci Kristine A Fagundes
13754 Sponsored Progs Fiscal Svcs Michelle C Webber
12550 Statistics & Biostatistics Stefanie N Broughton
14800 Stdnt Conduct, Rights & Resp Geraldine W Torbik
14500 Stu Ctr for Acad Achievement Geraldine W Torbik
14850 Stu Life & Leadership Geraldine W Torbik
10040 Student Affairs Geraldine W Torbik
12880 Student Comm & Telecounseling Edward H Park
14650 Student Equity and Success Geraldine W Torbik
15000 Student Health Services Geraldine W Torbik
12860 Student Outreach Edward H Park
13205 Student Research Center Stefanie N Broughton
14434 Student Services / Compliance Stefanie N Broughton
14990 Student Success Centers Geraldine W Torbik
14980 Student Support Services Geraldine W Torbik
12910 Student Systems Edward H Park
10022 Sustainability Kristine A Fagundes
11950 Teacher Education Stefanie N Broughton
13360 Testing Geraldine W Torbik
11050 Theatre & Dance Kristine A Fagundes
14661 Transfer Student Programs Geraldine W Torbik
10050 University Advancement Kristine A Fagundes
10015 University Diversity Office Geraldine W Torbik
13600 University Extension Edward H Park
15050 University Police Department Edward H Park
13680 University Scheduling Kristine A Fagundes
14960 University Union Operations Geraldine W Torbik
14651 Veteran Student Services Geraldine W Torbik
14421 Women's Basketball Stefanie N Broughton
14422 Women's Cross Country/Track Stefanie N Broughton
14423 Women's Golf Stefanie N Broughton
14424 Women's Soccer Stefanie N Broughton
14425 Women's Softball Stefanie N Broughton
14426 Women's Swimming Stefanie N Broughton
14427 Women's Volleyball Stefanie N Broughton
14428 Women's Water Polo Stefanie N Broughton