Math and Science Teacher (MAST) Program

Who We Are

The Math and Science Teacher (MAST) Scholars Program is designed to provide students with financial and educational opportunities to explore science and mathematics education at the middle school and high school levels. This program is open to Junior, Senior, and Credential STEM and Liberal Studies majors. Liberal Studies majors with an interest in teaching elementary school must be interested in teaching Math or Science to qualify.

MAST Scholars will join a community of students interested in STEM education. Scholars will also engage in teacher education coursework, field experience directly in the 6-12 grade classrooms, and science and math education workshops at CSUEB and in the greater Bay Area. This program will enable students to obtain 45 hours of classroom experience which is required for entrance into the teaching credential program.

MAST Scholars who successfully complete their undergraduate degree with at least a 2.67 overall GPA, and successfully meet all Teaching Credential Admissions requirements (including testing, documents, and interview) for the Multiple-Subject and/or Single-Subject will receive priority admission.

Why Join MAST?

  • SCHOLARSHIP! MAST Scholars receive a semesterly scholarship for enrolling in our program.

    • JUNIOR MAST SCHOLARS will receive a $1,000 scholarship if graduating by May 2022.

    • SENIOR MAST SCHOLARS will receive a $3,000 scholarship if graduating by May 2021.

  • Join a community of peers and students interested in STEM education and teaching.

  • Opportunities for field experience by engaging directly with students in the 6th-12th grade classrooms.

  • Access to high-quality Math and Science educational and professional development workshops.

  • Obtain 45 hours of classroom experience (satisfies a state requirement for all incoming teachers).

  • Receive priority admission to the CSUEB Teaching Credential Program.

MAST Junior and Senior Scholarship

ALL MAST SCHOLARS must attend our 3 STEM education and professional development workshops held throughout the school year. These workshops prepare students to teach by connecting them with dedicated TED faculty who have in-depth knowledge about the Teaching Credential program and the skills necessary to be successful in a teaching career. For the 2020-21 Academic Year, all MAST workshops will now be held online until further notice.

2020-21 Virtual STEM Education and Professional Development Workshops:

  • Fall Workshop: "Orientation to the Credential Student Service Center" + STEM teaching activity

  • Winter Workshop: CSET + CBEST Info Session

  • Spring Workshop: End-of-Year Culmination hosted by TED Faculty and Alumni

  • All MAST Scholars must also attend at least ONE virtual 1-on-1 session with the Teacher Recruitment Coordinator, Jason Chan.

Recommended Courses

  • TED 301: (3 Units) "Exploration of current issues in education through structured observations in T-K through high school classroom. Satisfies 15 hours documented pre-professional work in public schools. Field Component." This course provides students with hands-on training working with K12 students in classrooms and satisfies the 45-hour service state requirement for all new teachers.

  • SCI 308: (1 Unit) "Direct experience teaching science to visiting elementary and middle school students. Foundational science concepts demonstrated in engaging activities that promote scientific thinking. Emphasis on Crosscutting Concepts underlying and linking the natural sciences as explicated in the Next Generation Science Standards." This course provides direct engagement with K12 students and provides experience building foundational science concepts, teaching, preparing lessons, and instructing.


Scholarship Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Students applying for a JUNIOR and SENIOR MAST scholarship who do not meet ONE of the following qualifications will NOT be eligible for the MAST scholarship:

  1. I am interested in pursuing a Single-Subject teaching credential in a STEM-major field.

  2. I am interested in pursuing a Multiple-Subject teaching credential with a strong STEM-major emphasis.


Junior and Senior MAST Scholarship Application Deadline:

Monday, Sept. 21, 2020 


MAST Credential Scholarship

Following the successful completion of the 1st term in the CSUEB Teaching Credential Program AND completion of the Math Subject-Matter Program OR passing the CSETs, a Credential student may apply to receive a $1,000 MAST Credential Scholarship. All applicants who meet these requirements will receive a scholarship.