Affiliate Scholars

Who We Are

The MSTI (Math and Science Teaching Initiative) Math and Science Affiliate Scholars Program is designed to recruit and train students to become highly-qualified middle school or high school math and science teachers. Another goal of the program is to expose middle school and high school students to the benefits and possibilities of pursuing a college degree at the CSU by connecting them with passionate CSUEB undergraduates who can act as near-peer mentors to the next generation of college students.

Who Can Be An Affiliate Scholar?

  1. CSUEB undergraduate Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors.
  2. Must be interested in teaching middle school or high school science or mathematics
  3. Must have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.67

Interested in teaching MS/HS math? All MSTI math applicants must:

  1. Have achieved a B or better in at least one college-level math course.
  2. OR scored a 3 or higher on an AP math exam.
  3. OR scored a 600 or higher on the math SAT exam.

Interested in teaching MS/HS science? All MSTI science applicants must:

  1. Have achieved a B or better in at least one college-level science course.
  2. OR scored a 3 or higher on an AP science exam.
  3. OR scored a 20 or higher on the SAT "Analysis in Science" cross-test section.

What Do Affiliate Scholars Do?

MSTI Scholars will be paid $15.00/hr for up to 10 hours of work per week. Scholars join a local teacher in their K12 classroom to assist with lecturing, demonstrations, activities, pre-class preparation, tutoring, classroom engagement, student management, grading, and lesson instruction.

  • 8 hours: contact hours working directly with students

  • 2 hours: out-of-class time working with the teacher to prepare for the next class session

Why Join MSTI?

  • K12 students receive constructive peer feedback and have higher homework completion rates

  • K12 students receive more individualized attention and encouragement

  • K12 students are informally mentored by university TAs creating exposure to higher education

  • Affiliate Scholars gain experience in the classroom working directly with K12 students

  • Affiliate Scholars clarify their understanding of foundational science and math concepts by teaching

  • Affiliate Scholars work in teams and provide valuable community service in the form of peer education

  • Affiliate Scholars are provided with meaningful and relevant work experience

  • Affiliate Scholars are better able to meet the financial cost of a college education

  • Increase the visibility of CSUEB at local schools and recruit the next generation of CSUEB alumni

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