Unexpected Bonds of Union: Unlocking our Diverse Past to Imagine a More Inclusive Future

Bridget Ford, Professor Department of History

The lecture presented in the CSUEB Library by Bridget Ford, Associate Professor of History, California State University, East Bay, was based on her recently published book, Bonds of Union : Religion, Race and Politics in a Civil War Borderland. Her book reveals how unexpected bonds of union forged among diverse peoples in the Ohio-Kentucky borderlands furthered emancipation through a period of spiraling chaos between 1830 and 1865. Moving beyond familiar arguments about Lincoln's deft politics or regional commercial ties, Bridget Ford recovers the potent religious, racial, and political attachments holding the country together at one of its most likely breaking points, the Ohio River.

Talk given on May 19th 2016, by Assistant Professor Bridget Ford in the Biella Room of the Library on the Hayward campus of California State University, East Bay


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