Putting Posthuman Theories to Work in Teaching

Katie Strom, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership

"In this presentation, I discuss using posthuman perspectives in teaching, presenting an example of an activity in a qualitative research course called "The Parable of the Three Scholar Practitioners." In this lesson, students trouble the dominant narrative of the researcher as objective and distant, and reframe the research process as an assemblage of human and non-human elements that collectively influence every part of the research process, as well as recognize/account for their own "agential cuts" that shape the study in particular ways. These activities help students begin to develop critical orientations to research that will enable them to locate and account for themselves in relation to their inquiry, embrace situated forms of research of which the researcher is an integral part, and conduct research consistent with goals of social justice and local change-making."

Please contact Katie Strom, kathryn.strom2@csueastbay.edu if you have any questions about her presentation.

Presentation recorded on October 11th, 2018 at California State University East Bay.

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