Department Information


The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures (MLL) offers courses of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in French and Spanish. Academic minors are offered in American Sign Language, Chinese Language and Cultural Studies, French, Japanese Language and Culture, and Spanish. Courses are offered also in English, Persian, Pashto, Dari, Vietnamese, Italian, German, Korean, and Tagalog. Students may utilize all languages and literatures offered in the department as part of a special major in various areas of study.

The department faculty come from a wide variety of national and academic backgrounds and have traveled extensively in the countries whose languages they are teaching. Professors have lectured and published extensively in the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Films, lectures, dramatic performances, potluck dinners, student clubs, and other activities provide the opportunities for students to interact with one another and with their professors.

  • MLL presents scholars annually, such as film directors, musicians, distinguished authors and lecturers.
  • The Spanish division offers an intensive program in Spanish during the summer quarter, equivalent to one year of study.
  • The Spanish division offered a summer program in Mexico (2007).
  • The French division offered a summer program in Paris (2007).
  • Students are also encouraged to take advantage of California State University International Programs, where they can take courses at a variety of universities abroad and apply this course work toward a Cal State East Bay degree.
  • Business
  • Government Service
  • Health and Social Services
  • Industry and Commerce
  • Law and Law Enforcement
  • Library Science
  • Mass Communication
  • Teaching
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Travel and Tourism

Peter Boesch, originally for students of German (occasionally available for any language major).

2013-2014 Scholarship Recipients

  • Chiara Cross (ASL minor)
  • Christopher Girardeau (French/Spanish major)
  • James Jo'Manikea (ASL minor)
  • Stephanie Tenorio (Spanish major)

2012-2013 Recipients

  • Perla Amaral (Spanish major)
  • Judith Guerrero (Spanish major)
  • Sarah Hughes  (ASL minor)
  • Oscar Ochoa (Spanish major)
  • Lorrayne Serra (Spanish major)
  • Zully Valdez (Spanish major)

2011-2012 Scholarship Recipients

  • Ikay Mwanangele (French major)
  • Mélody Boulanger (French Minor)
  • Christopher Girardeau (French Major)
  • Miguel Pimentel (Spanish Major)
  • Rishi Khalsa (Spanish Major)
  • Irma Toman (Spanish Major)
  • Martha Macías (Spanish Major)
  • Amanda Barrientez (ASL Minor)

The department presents lectures at the university and at Bay Area public libraries. It also keeps links with community colleges and high schools.

  • Spanish Certificate for the Professions (approved, 2006)
  • Certificate for Languages and International Travel
  • International Film Festival (winter and spring , 2007)

Joint projects are conducted with the Mexican Cultural Center in San Francisco, the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco, the San Francisco Public Library, and with various local and foreign universities.