Recruiting Process Toolkit


Sequential Recruitment Process

The Sequential Recruitment Process document was designed to assist users with updating an applicant's status.  This documents contains details regarding required steps, manual updates, email notifications, required attachments and yes/no selection of the job status update field.

Job Requisition Approval Process Report

The Approval Process Report was designed to assist users with selection of the appropriate approval process when initiating a recruitment.   Please refer to the Initiate a Recruitment Process Guide, Job Card Field Requirements Quick Reference and the Approval Process Report training video for additional details.

Employee Tools and Resources

Team: PageUp's term for a PeopleSoft department ID.

Card: Card refers to a form within the system, which includes Job Card, Applicant Card and Offer Card.

Job Card: Used to create the job requisition.

Applicant Card: Applicant summary, including personal details, application and communication history.

Offer Card: A form used to obtain approval to extend the Conditional Verbal Offer to the selected candidate. 

Event: An interview that is schedule within PageUp.

Event - Positions: The positions field within an Event is used to indentify the total number of applicants that can select an interview time slot. 

Application Status: The application status is used to identify where the applicant is at within the recruitment process.

Examples of application statuses: Invite for Interview, Reference Check Initiated, Background Check Initiated

Job Status: The current state of the recruitment process. The job status is displayed as the Recruitment Status on the job requisition.

Examples of job statuses: Approved, Declined, Interviewing, Background Check, Cancelled, Filled.

Position ID / Number: Position numbers are generated and maintained in the PeopleSoft MyHR application.  In PageUp, Position Numbers start with our campus two letter inital.

Example: EB-00001234